Uncontrollable Urge
Creator: MoreSullamaps || First Published: 09/01/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x18
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 6.70 in 10 ratings
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sulla (09/01/2008 08:04am):
I created this map while listening to the band Devo. So I decided to make something a bit
weird just like Devo themselfs. It should be ballanced though.
Ingraved (09/01/2008 08:52am):
Pretty sweet XP
blanci1 (09/01/2008 10:38am):
We Are Not Men ...... looks pretty hot, pretty quick.. get ready for human spell
checkers ..... i feel you are trying to create a map beyond my powers of control .... has
anyone ever died from eating too much spam? ..... wierd comments for wierd map. :)
amthc356 (09/01/2008 12:29pm):
Moresullampas = More Pending Removal Maps? >_>
Days Of Ruin (09/01/2008 01:41pm):
A Rank? It's pretty good but not that good. 8/10
sulla (09/02/2008 04:49pm):
Amthc that isnt a fair comment the last pending removal map i had was ages ago.
sulla (09/02/2008 06:13pm | Edited: 09/03/2008 06:15am):
Oh your saying I am more pending removal maps???? That wasnt me
nerd-boy (10/09/2008 12:04pm):
Personally I'm not a fan of silo tiles--they don't look very aesthetic. However, in spite
of this, I think they work here, although you may want to consider making a few of them
forests for more hiding places in Fog.
lindsay40k (10/17/2008 10:00am):
This looks like an interesting map. I second nerd-boy's suggestion re Silo tiles. Catch me
in chat, I fancy a few playtest games on it.
Meta Rexy (11/03/2008 10:49pm):
I don't like how the comm towers are virtually impossible to steal from the other player.
Aside from that it feels a little bit on the plain side. Perhaps some mountains/bridges
should be added :P oh well.
9/10. :)
MoreSullamaps (11/15/2008 05:33am):
Well you gave it a high rating for map that is a b it plan lol, thanks a lot.
Nyvelion (03/01/2009 10:48pm):
Falconewing (07/20/2009 10:38am):
Nyvelion I agree with you.O_o
CHANGE THE NAME!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
Red11 (03/04/2010 11:03am):

great map, I played this against the author, shortly after he made it, and soon after he left.
sulla (03/02/2011 10:07am):
This map is in the top 100?
Kruegster (03/02/2011 05:18pm):
The map looks pretty great.

But I am wondering, is there any point to the com towers? The capitals are in the middle
and are much more contestable, so nobody is going to go for a com tower when they
can go for the capital.

You said you want weird, so here's a thought for an additon... If you want to do
something really weird, you could move the com towers to the other 2 corners to be
under the rockets. If a player takes over his corner where his rocket is, he gets to decide
if he wants to disband the rocket to get the com tower. Disbanding units is fun!
sulla (03/03/2011 07:39am):
My map Freedom of choice is better than this one. Glad I got into the top 100 though.
blanci1 (03/17/2011 11:05pm):
@kruegter .. nice idea, but actually in my game here in Fog the rocket on the forest was very
intereting regarding its visibility. I like Kreugter idea for another map.
Also, even though the comm is not contestable it plays an important role early-middle game
becaue you need to choose a good moment to invest time and go back for it, and also
bringing that infantry forward can be greatly assisted by transport-- the timing of such could
easily make or break ...

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