World War III
Creator: Evilron || First Published: 09/02/2008 || Players: 12 || Size: 80x60
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Rating: 6.24 in 34 ratings
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Red11 (09/03/2008 02:06am):

Great map, well done!
acim81 (09/03/2008 04:46am):
not playable!
the map is geographical ok, but looks ugly, and is not playable.
tst5381 (09/03/2008 09:43am):
Hey... Why does Taiwan belong to Japan? As a Taiwanese, that offends me a lot !!

...Just kidding.
The terrain looks good, but those pre-deployed units just ruin all things...
funwes (09/03/2008 06:45pm):
I think making Africa part of Brown Desert is a little bit racist.
Evilron (09/03/2008 08:47pm):
Thank you all for the feedback! It's my first map so your opinions and suggestions are

1st. The game wasn't developed to be balanced, instead I prefered to create a scenario as
"realistic" as possible of a Third World War in the next few decades. Like I said it's
not balanced, but I think it's still playable. Team Games could help, but even in the
normal match, the good use of diplomacy allows almost any army to be victorious. I mean,
China and USA are quite strong, but they are not invincible at all..

2nd. I admit the map doesn't look that good... in a possible update I'll fix the
roads(didn't have enough patience before) and some minor things.. the on-line editor
doesn't help much :( Do you guys know where I can find the real map editor.. Apparently
the link for it doesn't work anymore.

3rd. I thought about Yellow Comet as an alliance between Japan, Korea and Taiwan against a
mutual Threat (China) kinda like the ANZAC(Australia+New Zealand) ya know.. hehe, I guess
Tst5381 would be really mad if Taiwan were linked with china instead ;) hehe

4th. The pre-deployed units add "chaos" to the map, as it would be in a WW III. But they
don't last long. A real war would quickly destroy Global Infrastructure making it
impossible to maintain a large number of units.. It happens the same during the game...
Realism ;)
It was all part of my "view", but who cares about that, people wanna enjoy gameplaying. So
I'll probably develop a sort of "remix" with less( maybe with none at all) pre-deployed units.

5th. Brown Desert was inspired in Egypt which is an African country. My idea about Brown
Desert is an union of the so called "Muslin World" ( that's not very realistic I must
admit) so it's composed by the Arab peninsula + North Africa + Indonesia... I really don't
see any racism in that :S In fact, South Africa is represented by Green Earth( no
connection to Nazis, it was just the best remaining color) and Central Africa is neutral.
I really can't see any racism there :S

Well... once again.. thank you all... Further comments are welcome.
sulla (09/06/2008 05:08am):
Evilron (09/06/2008 12:30pm | Edited: 09/07/2008 12:21pm):

SamWars (01/13/2009 04:36pm):
World War... MY FAVEROUTE!
airob (01/13/2009 07:40pm):
i just hace somthing to is it supposed the airport bettween nor th america and
europe if there arenīt shoals or something where a t.copter can unload?....anyway i love
this map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but this map is just way bigger than did you make this map??
zombiefreak101 (01/20/2009 06:23pm):
what no black hole........
GameXpert (04/15/2009 11:36am):
Cut down on the B.Bombs.
It's effing annoying; fighting with only 1HP-units (I'm playing it right now).
Otherwise, it's pretty good.
Falconewing (07/20/2009 10:47am):
Delete ALL the black bombs. No predeployed with only 2 owned bases and neutral props
would be good.2/10
Tyrantboy (07/20/2009 05:15pm):
u forgot INDIA as super power too

dont u knw the BRIC countries?
Absolutis (04/29/2010 12:05pm):
Any suggestions on the teams?

willkorn2010 (12/28/2010 04:22am):
Jesus christ! one of Africas countries names is Nigeria, and even Niger!
Tsubodai (02/05/2011 05:14pm):
Hey awesome map!
flymolo (02/06/2011 01:34am):
you realize that the airport north of Britain cannot have people land on it right? and neither can
the one south of South America.
PepeB (04/15/2011 08:04am):
Awesome, but you miss some mountains in Asia...
Rune the Koopa (05/03/2011 05:00am):
Why is Ireland allied with Britan?
Big Dawg (06/17/2011 12:02am | Edited: 06/17/2011 12:03am):
Canada needs a port on its east coast. Less B-Bombs and abit less pre deployed troops. I
disagree with the US ships beside japan.

Suggested teams:
2 way
Canada/USA/Europe/Australia/South Africa/Japan vs the rest
3 way
Canada/Usa/Europe vs Russia/China/Japan vs South america/Africa/Australia/Purple
4 way
Europe/Russia/China vs USA/Canada/Northern South america vs Brasil//Brown/Purple vs
Japan/Australia/South africa

Good Map, After you make some changes it should be fun to play on.
And how did you get it this big?
DJ-Moogle (06/24/2011 11:40pm):
There's a little dot to represent the Falkland Islands....but there's no Madagascar?
SgtThom (06/30/2011 07:44pm):
Still displaying a strange image error with all of the units. Can't play what I can't see!
pen (07/04/2011 09:38pm | Edited: 07/04/2011 09:40pm):
Great map and CERTAINLY NOT RACIST..... I don't like repeating what Tyrantboy said but it is
all too true. India has the fourth largest army and third largest airforce; Make it a lot bigger in
terms of properties and a big army is the only missing puzzle piece.
ayoth13 (07/19/2011 10:29am):

That said, it seems really fun and like you said in one of the earliest posts, it wasn't made to be
balanced but more realistic.
JosafatBJ (08/10/2011 12:55am):
Where is Mexico's army? :P
pen (08/24/2011 09:56pm | Edited: 07/02/2012 11:00pm):
Karis Fra Mauro (07/14/2012 01:15am):
It reminds me of that earthling 2.0 predeploy giant map, but because this is slightly
smaller it avoids the movement glitch. I'll say, 8 out 10.
jhuni (07/14/2012 07:13am):
It would be interesting to play this map with as a team battle: NATO (Canada, US, EU, etc)
vs SCO (Russia, China, Iran, etc).
SoulCrusherEx (07/15/2012 06:01am):
so how does the game works on the net now ? sry iam new and hmmm yeah agreed that the map
is kinda unplayable
Ironsilver (07/15/2012 02:26pm):
Haha I love how Canada has Cobalt Ice so they're penguins. :3
the_burning_door (07/15/2012 10:31pm):
I agree that a team battle on this map would be at the very least interesting.
Meta Rexy (07/19/2012 04:58pm):
With teams this map is quite interesting... Diplomacy matters more than ever when your
neighbour has a crapload of black bombs.
pen (07/30/2014 05:33pm):
damed (08/31/2014 12:23am):
como se juega esto??}
Nyvelion (08/31/2014 07:06am):
There are no penguins at the north pole? Shows what I know about penguins.

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