The widowmaker
Creator: Wareagle 2 || First Published: 09/24/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x30
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval, Mixed Base
Rating: 9.30 in 10 ratings
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rifton (09/24/2008 12:46pm):
Aesthetically interesting. Maybe add a land bridge?
Red11 (09/24/2008 03:49pm | Edited: 09/24/2008 03:51pm):
Ive gotta say, I like this map. It's a three v. two bases, all bases can be hit with naval
gunnery, and units can be transported across the 4 isles and 2 mainlands as you see fit.
The airports are
back from the action, and rightly so. It is aptly named, bring on the slaughter.
funwes (09/24/2008 07:08pm):
The name is awesome
acim81 (09/25/2008 12:56am | Edited: 09/25/2008 01:56am):
Grrrrreat map!
In FOW a battleship in the reefs will be very deadly!

When i look at it twice, it "could" use some more cities.
Not for the look, but a player has 5 bases and 22 (am i counting right?) cities plus one airport
and the two harbours. I think a bit more (4 cities max on each side) will speed up the battle
and the tech. But where to put them without clumping?
What does the rest thinks about that?
I lower my rate on 9/10
Wareagle 2 (09/25/2008 02:36am | Edited: 09/25/2008 03:15am):
Yeah i think your right, both sides should end up with 30,000 each which is slightly
low for the amount of bases and ports. I'll sort something out now.
EDIT:Each side now has 34,000 each.
acim81 (09/25/2008 06:27am):
ok, it's really better. raised back to 10/10
Taz (10/03/2008 04:15pm):
I think the OS infantry is unnecessary, the map is almost certainly fairer without it.
The overall design is nice, though.

nickdown (02/21/2011 11:05am):
Wareagle your a mad man. nice job 10/10
wareagle (02/21/2011 06:02pm):
Thanks, for the nice job bit..................ah what the hell no use in being modest, thanks for
the mad man bit too. Everyone knows now anyway :)
tmassing (12/14/2019 04:50pm):

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