City of Storms - Floods
Creator: Volcove || First Published: 10/01/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x18
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame, Base Light
Rating: 7.91 in 22 ratings
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Volcove (10/01/2008 02:26pm | Edited: 10/03/2008 08:43pm):
A strange area of development this is, as it is one struck by unusual weather all year
round. Despite that much of the city is flooded to make movement difficult or impossible,
two armies still wage war regardless of the conditions afoot.

(Hint - The very center tiles are actually river tiles, not sea)
(Also, one could set the weather to a permanent rain to make things more interesting and
Hydralisk24 (10/01/2008 05:43pm): - You can take time to make a map but
not 5 mins to take your turn?

Anyways nice map even though to promotes infantry/mech spam into that center part :P (
Sami anyone? )
Volcove (10/03/2008 08:49pm):
Taking one's turn takes much longer then 5 minutes to make a turn when the website is
suffering from periods of heavy lag, while making a map usually isn't as bad to do during
those periods.

Thanks, but in regards to the center part, I don't think it would be too troublesome
considering the positions of the bases (and the fact that there's only 2 per side
considering the number of cities). It is mostly there for theme and to open a little more
strategic potential; even without the river, one could still drop infantry in via t-copter.
blanci1 (10/04/2008 01:48am):
good --- i am glad youve kept that centre active--- i had been thinking about making a wide
river sometime for mechs and infantry to cross-- HQs are very close considering walking
on water is now possible -- see how a few games go, they can always be moved apart a
little if its too unstable.
Taz (10/04/2008 04:40am | Edited: 10/04/2008 04:41am):
Nice design. I'm not sure yet concerning the gameplay, though.

Meta Rexy (11/13/2008 10:36pm):
Make that river wider. like 6 tiles wide or something to keep infantry from spamming it
up. Sami's gonna kill everyone on this map...
I think you should keep the HQ a bit farther away from the enemy's base.... seems too
close for comfort... too vulnerable to infantry...

Good map otherwise though. 7/10
Kruegster (04/03/2011 10:58pm):
I dislike the captials being 5 tiles away from each other when a base is nearby and there
are small chokepoints (for the non-infantry units). If the match goes on for awhile, being
the first player to make a rocket could gain a player a huge advantage. A rocket can move
from the base to the capital in one turn and is aiming at the opponent's capital, preventing
the opponent from coutering by also moving a rocket to his capital.

I suggest moving the capitals one square further away from each other to prevent this
from happening.
Headphone (01/21/2012 10:06pm):
Considering that a rocket costs a whole day's worth of funds, that shouldn't be a problem..

Roswell the Black Rose (02/10/2012 04:48am | Edited: 02/10/2012 04:48am):
rockets are hardly seen on this map, as its low terrain encourages early conflict with
infantries and tanks. Most games i've seen and played on this map went fairly well,
there are almost no stalemates, and both sides are quite even. 8/10
the-deadly-shadow (04/16/2018 11:04am):
FTA, the PL units are facing the wrong way ;P

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