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Max Mania: Javier's Retribution (Design Map by Kamuscha)
Categories: Casual Play

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Red11 (10/05/2008 11:28am):
Great map, highly complex from Turn 1
mrapex (10/06/2008 03:37pm):
Is it just me or are the shoals suppose to be facing inward? right now they look weird.
Last Edited on 10/06/2008 03:39pm
Kamuscha (10/06/2008 09:22pm):
edited the shoals.
Zovea (10/06/2008 11:10pm):
wat can you do with the trans glitch?
Kamuscha (10/09/2008 02:03am):
move units in transport units and unload them on the same turn. a very nifty option.
FreshBread (10/30/2008 03:06pm):
thats a glitch? thats how it normally goes even in the gameboy version. interesting map by
the way. like Red said very complex. you have to go into turn one knowing what youre doing.

blanci1 (11/07/2008 02:25am):
interesting map, looks good
Last Edited on 11/07/2008 02:26am
Meta Rexy (11/10/2008 06:54pm):
Very interesting map idea...

Personally I don't like the idea of the bases being so close to the HQs..... but I have
yet to try this map and it might work out...
It feels really really open... as if the map's begging for tank spam...

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