Creator: battalion24 || First Published: 10/23/2008 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 4.25 in 4 ratings
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battalion24 (10/23/2008 05:34pm | Edited: 10/23/2008 07:57pm):
i make maps for fun here and i think i got this one down my first map was battalion nemesis
and i'm from america if anyone wants to know anyways as i was people need
to learn to love this map because it didn't take me long...but it had alot of hard work in it and i
wanted to make it perfect. the warring factions are Colbalt Ice,Red Fire,Amber Blaze,Orange
Star,and Brown Desert this map features some real life famous geographic areas such as
the Andes Mountains, Rocky Mountains,Himalayian Mountains,Swiss Alps,Arctic Mountains
to the south and north,the Yangtze River,Mississippi River,Amazon River,Theils River, even
some really cool cities placed perfectly like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Washington D.C,Beijiing, Forbidden City,Area 51, Tokyo,London,Berlin,Madrid,also Rio De
Janerio and Brasila!!!!! that's all and there's the 6 continents since africa doesn't really war lol
anyways lots and lots of territories a world map an epic 6 player battle everyone you have
to see this map and give me criteria alright? well i hope you like it and thank me with ratings
not words lol or both is good too hahaha just have fun!
oh and btw Blue Moon is in there too :D
yeah just a name i made up like it?
oh wait i spelled it wrong right lol thanks for that.
anyways maybe i need to rename that so it's spelled right anyways here are the countries
that each team represents ok?

Orange Star-United States
Brown Desert-Venezuela
Red Fire-United Kingdom
Blue Moon-Russia
Amber Blaze-China
good luck everyone and plz rate :D

also Colbat Ice is Antarctica just for fun lol :D PENGUINS MIGHT RULE WHO KNOWS??? XD.
ever notice how badly i spell hahaha i meant cobalt and dilemma lol.
hey can someone tell me how to play?
and do u like my map anyone?

JoeVector (10/23/2008 06:01pm):
funwes (10/23/2008 07:35pm):
Edit your comments. Seriously, there is no need to type in 4 comments in a row when you
can edit your previous comments.
Ruins of Time (10/23/2008 08:10pm):
you got something wrong, legally, area 51 doesn't exist, even though you could easily tell
it is, why else would the government restrict you from getting too close to that one
little supposedly empty desert area?
battalion24 (10/23/2008 08:12pm | Edited: 10/23/2008 08:13pm):
i know but people might play if they see a nicely designed area 51 u know? which i'm trying
next all these new places sound good thanks for commenting can u join my game?
nerd-boy (10/23/2008 09:08pm):
Doesn't look like any world map I've ever seen.
HighGenGrue (10/23/2008 11:24pm):
I can see a BM Locked Port!
battalion24 (10/24/2008 01:53pm):
oh i didn't catch that sorry i'll fix it...nerd-boy is it good or bad?
Ducky (10/24/2008 02:54pm):
brown and amber control the water.
battalion24 (10/24/2008 03:15pm):
yeah ducky that's what they are supposed to do let me make a list of what controls this map
battalion24 (10/24/2008 03:19pm):
but i see what u mean man anyways this is the list of controls...
Orange Star controls bases
Blue Moon controls labs
Brown Desert controls airports
Red Fire controls cities
Amber Blaze contols ports
Cobalt Ice controls communications
battalion24 (10/24/2008 03:20pm):
it only means they have more bases,labs,airports,cities,ports,and communications in their
area because that's what they are known for.
battalion24 (10/24/2008 03:22pm):
this means that orange star goes for bases blue moon goes for labs brown desert goes for
airports red fire goes for cities amber blaze goes for ports and cobalt ice goes for com
towers good luck everyone i'm editing this map soon.
battalion24 (10/24/2008 03:23pm):
but it's only in their area like the countries reseources i wanted to make u capture some
properties eventhough the most important ones are available to you.
335 (11/07/2008 08:21pm):

Venezuela at Argentina-Brasil area?

Is Mexico like that?

Does UK conquered Spain, France and Germany?

Is China on Minnor Asia?

Eligitine (12/09/2010 01:37am):
This is one of those maps that...are funny because they are so bad. I'll give this a 5 for the lulz the
comments gave.

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