3 on 3 airsealand war
Creator: joeywashere || First Published: 10/24/2008 || Players: 6 || Size: 31x25
Categories: None
Rating: 8.50 in 6 ratings
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joeywashere (10/24/2008 08:51pm | Edited: 10/29/2008 11:34pm):
its right side vs the left side quite obviously, i made it fair by putting blue moon+green earth
on same team. pretty much use teamwork to get through the land with your air and sea
friends attacking or defending u. this is probably my best map yet please rate fairly and

that "chokepoint" was kinda put on purpose to give people the ability to use strategy with
their battleships/subs/cruisers
Meta Rexy (10/25/2008 07:40pm):
chokepoints at sea. :(

still, I'm impressed with this idea.
Nyvelion (10/26/2008 09:35am):
who cares about chokepoints at sea?

The only reason chokepoints are bad on land is because of infantry spam. What can one do
at sea? Spam black boats??
joeyeltaki (08/04/2011 12:41am):
i remember this map! i made it so long ago. i made a new account, owell lol
Nyvelion (04/15/2014 03:31pm):
So... joeyishere?

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