wake island
Creator: Gunfighter || First Published: 11/09/2008 || Players: 5 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.13 in 8 ratings
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TacticsCommand (11/09/2008 01:12pm | Edited: 11/09/2008 01:12pm):
OS and GS are at an advantage because they can snag more properties on the main island.

GE seems pretty isolated. There is not enough funding for an effective expansion.

YC, like GE, is isolated, however, it has more properties and can even acquire the western
most base on the main island.

BM looks hopeless. Unless I am mistaken, those shoals do not connect the other properties,
so it would be tedious and tiresome to capture every little island.

7/10 At the moment.
Hydralisk24 (11/09/2008 01:24pm):
Ya the shoals for BM's area connect with all those little islands of his and in fact with
the mainland. Pretty much a straight walk right to the next base and on turn 3 I think it
is he starts to capture it. Even then i'd have to agree its pretty hopeless for him being
smashed between two people.

Any who, could have been done better I guess but it still is fairly done well - especially
from all the fail-maps we have gotten lately.
acim81 (11/10/2008 02:55am):
sorry guys^^, but BM will win this game!
BM takes Sami, owns the 2 bases south of it after the round 5.

GS and OS will have trouble with GE and YC, and can't focus on BM , witch has 17.000
funds on it's territory with 4 factories!
Hydralisk24 (11/10/2008 04:30am):
He edited the map and moved the BM base down =/
acim81 (11/10/2008 06:53am):
Gunfighter (11/10/2008 08:35pm | Edited: 11/10/2008 08:42pm):
hopfully I change it for the better

this is the way I believe how battle will progress, rapid expansion for ever one. This will
require balance as if you focus your resources one person, someone else can come and
take over. GE has the hardest postion to play as it has to send troops by sea, however, it
would be hard to takeout, BM & YC are similiar in that way, but easier to get at. ANy
suggestions to make this better, would be appreciated.
Hydralisk24 (11/11/2008 11:31am):
For what ever reason I disregarded it earlier, but wth is the point of the labs? Honestly
making them available to all the countries ( except for BM? ) kind of makes them rather
pointless in adding a lab unit.
Gunfighter (11/11/2008 05:24pm):
I add them because they look like radar, thats why I put them in most maps, terrain variety.
Maybe to slow down GS
kookysooky (11/15/2008 03:28pm):
grey sky gets powerful much faster than other coutnries. the potential for those 2 land
bases, along with the island base with com tower, gives GS 2 com towers and a good third
of the map. this leads to a very good position.
Gunfighter (11/20/2008 07:35pm):
OS can land on the small Island in 5 turns and can have it under control in 9. GS has to deal
with two enemies, or at least thats what should happen. There will be some changes to this
as soon as all games are done, reomving or changing where some factories, cities and labs.
DJ-Moogle (04/10/2009 09:01am | Edited: 04/10/2009 09:02am):
Meta Rexy (07/06/2018 04:10am):
The balance on this map is poor. GE is forced to build ships to
expand and is a mere nuisance to the others in the early game. BMs
port on the east side is shoal locked and the way this map is
structured doesn't allow naval units to pass through easily... They
have to go all the way around the islands which is a ridiculous delay
that could've been simply avoided if the port merely had its shoals

GS may get a comm tower but like BM needs to split between two
fronts. Both are in precarious positions and must fight each other
over the neutral base in the middle.

... I don't even know why I'm commenting here because it's a 10 year
old map anyways lol
Gunfighter (04/03/2019 11:30pm | Edited: 04/03/2019 11:30pm):
Might be ten years old, but who knows when someone may drop by to read old things...

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