Snowlico's map 10
Creator: snowlico || First Published: 01/15/2009 || Players: 14 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 5.53 in 15 ratings
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airob (01/16/2009 10:47am):
too much bases for a single island
Kensan (01/16/2009 11:22pm):
Man, you're in love with epic maps hey???...

airob (01/21/2009 07:34pm):
and i wouldn´t like to mention it would be good toghost someports..cause its ovbious
Einhar (01/23/2009 07:16pm):
I find it interesting. I give a 10.
Meta Rexy (01/24/2010 07:01pm):
lol, chokepoints everywhere.
the geust (02/11/2010 08:31pm):
Meta Rexy (01/24/2010 07:01pm):
lol, chokepoints everywhere.

more like the whole map is one big chokepoint
funkytown (10/11/2010 12:31pm):
I give it a 9 because in a free for all I can definitely see ganging up happening here but
in a team game it looks fine.
I say ganging up because take brown desert for example. It only has 4 ways out, 2 to each
of 2 armies. The choke points make it easy for them to shut brown down and they would
still be able to capture bases and get enough money to protect from the other areas around

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