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1v1 (helghast) bugled (Design Map by helghastking)
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Rating: 7.60 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
tst5381 (11/25/2008 09:08am):
Nice one.
Kruegster (02/14/2009 01:26pm):
FTA counter?
Aegis-Shield (02/16/2009 04:18pm):
Fix FTA and the positioning of the factories on the island and i'll review it again.
overall seems nice
Lazeryth (03/15/2010 12:56am):
fun map 10/10
Grapha (08/29/2015 12:17pm):
I actually like the lack of FTA counter. It's like the original maps from the game which can be fun.

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