Flag Ship
Creator: Red1127 || First Published: 12/08/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x22
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Red1127 (12/08/2008 07:31pm):

Funds is 3000 and BB Battleship is banned.
Ducky (12/08/2008 09:22pm):
so if you build cruisers, the water is an impasible wall fairly quickly.
Ducky (12/08/2008 09:23pm):
cancel that, if it was only orange on one side of the water and only red on the other that
might be the case though.
Red11 (12/09/2008 12:19am):

I guess you're right, set it how you like.
Red11 (12/09/2008 12:21am):
I'll edit it, so the top right base can be reached.

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