Bounty River
Creator: VolcMaps || First Published: 12/13/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x19
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Heavy Naval
Rating: 6.80 in 5 ratings
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Volcove (12/13/2008 05:52pm):
Inspired by an Advance Wars 'War Room' battle with the same name and similar setup, it was
made somewhat quickly during a brief period of inspiration. Hopefully, with the large
income provided, sea units will be considered to a reasonable extent. Then again, maybe I
am just too optimistic... who knows.

I'm not sure if the FTA counter is as good as it can be, so feel free to suggest alternatives.
tst5381 (12/14/2008 03:59am):
Harti1990 (12/14/2008 10:44am):
Compare with "Snake Island" for the FTA counter:
Dunno if it is appropriate here.

I personally dislike maps where you need to build your ground units like 6 days before you
need them. But very good map all in all.
Volcove (12/20/2008 02:40pm):
Edits: Shifted one of the starting factories closer to the front lines (so that they can
be loaded and used faster), and decided to leave the black boat in range of the starting
BM infantry (I don't think it will bring STA...).
Taz (12/28/2008 02:20pm):
I feel the map would be better without the ghost units. It would promote naval warfare in
the middle.
Otherwise the map looks pretty good.

Volcove (02/02/2009 02:26pm):
Edits: Lowered the number of reefs in the center and un-ghosted the ports (if only
temporarily) to see how it plays out.
joeyeltaki (08/02/2011 06:35pm):
im playing on this map now in a fog. i noticed there's no moutains. can u sprinkle some in just
to add to the strategy?
calima (09/12/2020 02:59am):
This map has a long history, I played the precursor in a pre-AW game. Can't remember if it was Super Fami Wars or GB
Wars 2, that early version had a lot more channels and they were more narrow. Worked as a single-player campaign map,
this edition is better for two humans.

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