Creator: latias soul dew || First Published: 12/22/2008 || Players: 10 || Size: 35x25
Categories: None
Rating: 5.13 in 8 ratings
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Kruegster (12/22/2008 12:28pm):
Needs more choke points. For the start of the game, the only combat will be on a few

Green will defeat blue's 1 base, then will be trapped. Green is surrounded by the mountains,
so Green will only be able to attack with Infantry and Mech and air units, and vice versa for
anyone attacking green.

Jade can use T-copters to get to the 26 silos. I would suggest taking out the silos altogether,
and the bases in that corner.

The map needs a lot of work. 2/10
Ducky (12/22/2008 02:15pm):
Anyone who puts a pr on this is a loser.
DuelStriker (12/22/2008 03:41pm):
Why would this be PR'd? It's better than most maps we've been getting lately.
Ducky (12/22/2008 05:11pm):
therefore doing so would make them a loser.
Kruegster (12/23/2008 09:51pm):
Ducky, are you calling me a looser for commenting on the map? The first rating was a 10, so
I thought it would be fair to give the reason why the map deserves a much lower rating.
Ducky (12/24/2008 09:55pm):
did you set pending removal on this map? If you did then yes but I don't see it saying
pending removal at the top where it lists categories so I don't find it likely that you did unless
it has been removed.

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