Amor's Isle
Creator: Harti || First Published: 01/31/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x27
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval, Mixed Base
Rating: 6.59 in 22 ratings
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airob (01/31/2009 01:24pm):
strange but hell good design
PCJedi (01/31/2009 04:57pm):
Nice design, nice balance, nice gameplay (hopefully). 10/10
Dhomochevsky (02/04/2009 05:53am):
Looks awesome, a complete change from the current league/tourny maps
MS1 (02/16/2009 03:25pm):
Kruegster (02/26/2009 10:55pm):
The map looks pretty cool, but the pink city is creating an STA. OS makes 5000 G, and the
FTA counter needs to counter for half a turn or 2500 G. Pink earning 5000 a turn and having
two extra infantry is a fine counter, so I suggest making the pink city neutral to take away
the STA.
Harti1990 (02/27/2009 08:02pm | Edited: 02/27/2009 08:03pm):
You don't counter FTA by saying "kk, I'll put 2 infantry on 2 bases on a 4 base map and
everything is fine".

I'm not really sure if the PC city gives them an advantage. On day 3 PC has the
opportunity to send the first tank, OS does not. But that does not automatically mean "STA".

If you have a look at the map as if it was three separate maps, you'll notice that
everything is countered very well.
First, the additional city is meant to prevent OS from rushing to the center of the heart
There'd be heavy Lash/Sami/VB FTA if they just ran to the center - OS could attack the
capturing PC infantry from the mountains. However, they cannot unless they ignore the city
giving PC lots of money. A Pink Cosmos Sami MAY turn out as a problem then but this really
has to be tested properly and with focus. In my test games, the central mountain cities
were not a problem at all.
Second, the PC infantry in the upper right corner which was not set on the base since I
wanted to prevent PC to catch the city 5 spaces above (which is supposed to become an OS
city) but simultaneously wanted to prevent OS from getting the city 5 spaces to the east
of their base.
Third, the PC infantry in the center which gives them the opportunity to compensate the
FTA if OS just rushed to (any) central city.

But I'd let myself get disabused by Dhomo or Taz or so. Sorry, but I'm too convinced to
believe you (don't take that personal) =D
Falconewing (07/23/2009 09:59am):
AAwwww....Sweet love ^,^
Harti (09/02/2009 10:17am):
Tried to fix FTA counter according to:
Harti (10/25/2009 10:04pm):
Removed from A-Rank until further playtesting is done
EchelonThree (10/27/2009 09:44am | Edited: 10/27/2009 09:46am):
Okay, my first instinct before viewing the comments was "omg STA", but mostly because of
PC getting an advantage on the HQ front (it's more important than the center or the rear,
especially as the rear front is too far away to play any important role in the HQ battle.

I'll have to do a deeper analysis first before anything can be concluded.
airob2 (10/31/2009 01:43pm):
OS is forced to build a tank in HQ front to protect his capturing inf of being attacked,
as well as it has a third inf to protect the mountain city capturing one...
whilst PC(PL in this case) will deploy a tank and has an extra inf to on of the properties
back of the HQ or rush the one north of it, it may also just capture the city near the
base, while the other inf is sent to aid the center ones or rush another city, while OS
will makes another inf until the next turn, and it will take some time to capture one of
the properties back of the HQ.

MY point is: that PC predeployed inf lets PC rush any of the cities and make OS adopt a
defense strategy towards the neutral properties, hindering OS from capturing his neutral
properties for several turns, thatīs probably cuz of the inf rushing the center cities, I
would probably move the PC inf one step behind, that way it either captures one of the
back props or the one next to the base,

PC turn 1- moves inf 3 left
build inf from HQ base

turn2- captures city near base with any of the inf
moves remaining inf towards center

iīm not completely sure about this, and IĻM most likely wrong, i havenīt even played the
map, but it may be good to take an eye on that.
Harti (11/01/2009 07:22pm | Edited: 11/01/2009 07:23pm):
That's how balancing maps works right? Player 2 will always get anything earlier on any
map with an FTA counter. And by setting the predeployed inf on the heart isle 1 tile east
of the base, I avoided clear STA (where you could capture your central city and then
harass Player 1's capture from a mountain). There's nothing more to balance down there
because removing the infantry would automatically mean FTA :)
I might put the infantry another space south or something, but I do not know if that
really is gonna help much.
airob (11/02/2009 01:01pm):
yes i am aware of that. what i tried to emphazise was not the second player getting things
earlier, but rather the first player being unable of getting the other cities
earlier(which would be captured the same turn by both players,) since the first player has
to protect the center neutral props that belong to him from that speedy inf.
this might probably be becasue of the HQ section having only one base, but as i said, i am
most possibly wrong, and iīm not probably not explaining myself very well, lol anyway,
iīll play on the map in a while.
nickdown (01/13/2010 11:10pm):
airob (01/17/2010 08:57pm):
wtf are you saying?

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