The gulf of Fonseca
Creator: gabot07 || First Published: 02/15/2009 || Players: 3 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.67 in 6 ratings
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gabot07 (02/15/2009 01:17pm | Edited: 02/27/2009 08:45pm):
hope u like it ^_^

its based on the real gulf of fonseca that is between el salvador, honduras, and nicaragua in
central america

the GS base is on the city La union wich is one of the most important ports in el salvador
The CI base is in san lorenzo wich is also an important port in honduras
and with RF i kinda cheated in because there is actually nothing in that part of the gulf
RF is in the side of nicaragua and i kind of liked the idea of a 1v1v1 so i put it there

well also with the other cities and stuff the only airports that could be considered real
in the real world would be the one on CI's side because is near were the airport of
tegucigalpa would be. but if i didnt put airports in the other bases it would be unfair so
i aded 2 to every1.

now in the case of the cities, each 1 of then is as close to a real city as possible. for
example in the GS's side the cities in the west are close from were san miguel is, and the
cities in the north are close from were morazan is so in that aspect i tried to do it very

for right now i cant think of anything else i can say about the map so ill finish here
airob (02/15/2009 01:52pm | Edited: 02/15/2009 02:00pm):
HEY IĻM FROM el salvador yea,...but there is some error there i believe GS is el salvador
RF is nicaragua and CI is honduras...well there is lot more wide space bettween el
salvador and hondures zone right where GS port is.......thatīs the why el salvador and
entered war..cuz they wanted the gulf....
airob (02/15/2009 01:59pm):
know that i see it more slowly..i think it is exactly....but still there is a little
channel bettewn honduras and el salvador that you forgot..other than that...i think it was
time to see a map based where my country is haha
gabot07 (02/15/2009 02:40pm):
yeah i tryed to make it more exact but that would mean that all the islands were closer to el

also i tried to put each HQ in a place were there is an actual citty like in el salvador the HQ is
placed were La union is

airob (02/15/2009 02:48pm):
you should put the el salvador HQ in san miguel....aproximatedly a little to the northwest
of the com tower in GSīs place
redarmy80 (02/15/2009 03:16pm):
Very nice map, but we should test it to see the balance
airob (02/15/2009 03:26pm):
and what about the OS base there??? right near RF is...also you should put some more
things bettween honduras and the woods
gabot07 (02/15/2009 04:03pm):
lol i put an OS base by mistake ^_^
gabot07 (02/15/2009 04:05pm):
its fixed now
tst5382 (02/16/2009 09:19am):
Pretty nice map. Favorited.
DJ-Moogle (02/23/2009 01:27pm):
oooh nice map
blanci1 (02/27/2009 01:16am):
I do like realistic looking maps and even better if it teaches us a bit of real life geography.
Perhaps you could mention the major city names (and colour coding) in your opening
comment... and perhaps river or even airport names if you think its worthwhile.
gabot07 (02/27/2009 08:59am | Edited: 03/07/2009 09:24pm):
(deleted) o_0
airob (02/27/2009 09:09pm | Edited: 02/27/2009 09:11pm):
GSīs HQ is "la union"....GSīs western bases is "san miguell" GSīs neutral
"morazan" a bit to the west of "san miguel" is "usulutan"...done!...i made my
geograpichal add!! =)

CIīs HQ is near honduras capital...
blanci1 (02/28/2009 06:29am):

also it might look even better with some mountains as benbever says ... surely there is some
hills or something ( you can intersperse them with the trees if they belong under the forest)
nice map...worth filling in some details like these imo.
airob (02/28/2009 12:49pm):
honduras has practically no there only leaves nicaragua and el salvador(GS,RF)
gabot07 (04/19/2009 10:37pm):
yay my map is on a category!

i feel so important right now...sniff...sniff
mrbananas8 (05/10/2015 12:08pm):
There are 15 neutral properties that clearly go to Grey. 12 neutral properties that
clearly go to Cobalt. And 18 neutral properties that clearly go to Red. This is excluding
all the island properties and the 3 cities on the chuck of land between Grey and Cobalt
which would be heavily contested. In addition to the disadvantage of fewer properites
Cobalt has the disadvantage of having to defend itself from two land battles. Grey and Red
only have on land battle front to pay for and the rest can go to a navy for the islands.
Cobalt can barely afford a navy when it has to split its land army between two fronts and
has fewer funds to pay for it.

cobalt's third harbor is extremely hard to hold, being so far away from all the bases.
Cobalts tower is also hard to hold.
mrbananas8 (05/18/2015 07:16pm):
Yeah Red definately has the advantage of most properties near him. Red has a win rate of
over 50%
clord666 (09/29/2015 09:07pm):
I understand that you are trying to make the map geographically accurate, but this is
completely unbalanced. Its extremely hard for Cobalt Ice to even play competitively (let
alone try to force a win over GS or RF) on both land fronts and the sea. Especially since
they probably will quickly be at a funding disadvantage to both sides (from either being
unable to capture the island cities of the cities between CI and GS). RF has a huge
advantage over the others in that its furthest from combat and will have the greatest
funding. CI should have higher funds than the other 2 but instead ends up with the lowest
so this should probably be fixed. If you dont want to alter the map for geographical
accuracy, i suggest trying to make it fairer by having pre-deployed units or perhaps CI
starting of with more cities already captured.
The Foster (12/04/2015 08:39pm):
Im from Honduras and I found this perfect, has the Island of Amapala, Conejo and others. It looks just like

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