Whirlpool Rivers
Creator: whateverzwijn || First Published: 03/07/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x18
Categories: A-Rank
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whateverzwijn (03/07/2009 08:04am | Edited: 03/07/2009 08:10am):
Wait, I made a non-sprite map? And gave it a comprehensible name? I think that means hell
froze over or something. Or maybe my sanity made a comeback, I dunno. I honestly doubt
either is possible, though.

Anyway, I've messed around with the terrain a bit, what with bridges over land, broken
pipes designating mountain paths, and the eponymous shoal whirlpools in the rivers.

Bans should probably be:
The broken 5 (obviously)
Sturm (because of the tough terrain)
Kindle (because of the large amount of properties)
Sami (again, because of the properties)
DuelStriker (03/07/2009 12:23pm):
I demand another base or airport >:[

Seriously though, it might need another of the two considering the amount of properties
there are.
Cereal Killer (03/07/2009 05:35pm):
likes airport idea.
whateverzwijn (03/23/2009 11:18am):
I've put in another airport as requested, as well as another city to help fund it. (Yes, I
DO like high fund maps) =P

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