River Hills
Creator: whateverzwijn || First Published: 04/01/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.00 in 5 ratings
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whateverzwijn (04/01/2009 08:08am | Edited: 04/01/2009 08:24am):
Just decided I'd make a very standardized 3 base, 3 front, recon friendly, low-medium
funded map for a change.

Recommended CO bans: Broken 5, Sturm.
Recommended unit bans: None
Watchful_Eye (04/01/2009 08:35am):
Nice Map :) Reminds me a bit at "A simple 1 vs 1".
Watchful_Eye (04/01/2009 08:36am):
Nice Map :) Reminds me a bit at "A simple 1 vs 1".
Hydralisk24 (04/01/2009 05:18pm):
Double post!
Hydralisk24 (04/01/2009 05:18pm):
Double post!
Falconewing (04/06/2009 07:18pm):
Falconewing (04/06/2009 07:18pm):
Falconewing (04/06/2009 07:18pm | Edited: 10/09/2009 05:55pm):
blanci1 (11/27/2013 09:10am | Edited: 11/27/2013 09:23am):
Without an airport this plays out very differently from usual maps which is great experience.

However there may not be much to fight over ... (bland middle) and may result in stand
off... but i think we need more experience in these kinds of situations to be sure , as
perhaps there are fighting chances to attack and make progress with somewhat unusual
strategies. Eg. in my last game here my opponent teched up immediately giving him big
advantage on one front compared to my milder advantage on other 2 fronts. It seemed the
latter coud be insufficient to gain a city wheras the former could work. Unclear. which
makes it interesting.

(According to the map anaysis stats the number of recons being used is actualy as low as
always though thats another issue.)

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