Wakka! Wakka! Wakka!
Creator: Mr. Fishermon || First Published: 04/03/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
Categories: A-Rank, Sprite
Rating: 9.50 in 4 ratings
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Mr. Fishermon (04/03/2009 01:17pm):
Thanks to the teal ghosts, air units get some repair spots of their own. Thank you, teal!
airob (04/03/2009 03:44pm):
just something, the third base for each army should be neart the frontlines and not
behind the other two bases, itīs useless like that, u could put some cities in the other
isles too..bu itīs good
Everzwijn (04/03/2009 04:45pm):
Airob, extra bases are NEVER useless.
Volcove (04/03/2009 08:08pm | Edited: 04/03/2009 08:10pm):
It would be nice if the small islets had something of value (even a city or two).
Even so, it looks pretty interesting.
amthc356 (04/03/2009 08:43pm):
they're teal assassins, not teal ghosts, noob
airob (04/04/2009 02:05pm):
still everz i just said the base could be more straight rather than behind the others X(
funwes (04/04/2009 10:31pm):
assassins that KILL YOUR AIR UNITS
Mr. Fishermon (04/05/2009 05:12pm):
Thank you for all your precious comments, good people.

Sir Airob, I realize that putting the neutral factory close to the frontlines is indeed
the convention in map creation. However, diverting from the conventional isn't necessarily
a negative thought, (surely you understand; your most recent map also had some traits
identified as unconventional) and having the factory in the rear doesn't cause any
fluctuations in the map's balance, as far as I can identify them.

Sirs Volcove and Airob, I too had contemplated filling the isles with capturables, yet I
was afraid that due to their restricted size, I would be unable to arrange them in such a
way as to prevent a situation in which the first to get there would be enabled to seize
them all easily.

Sir Amthc356, as far as I was able to tell from my research around this site, they were
named ghost units, not assassins. However, as you say, I am indeed a noob. Since you, as
an experienced player, seem very credible, in addition to sir Funwes supporting your
statement, I am inclined to believe that your term is indeed the correct one. Therefore, I
shall henceforth refer to these units as Teal assassins. I sincerely thank you for
teaching me the proper vocabulary.
airob (04/07/2009 02:45pm | Edited: 04/07/2009 02:46pm):
eee..the teal assasins are i fact ghost units you are right fishermon..thing is that in
some joke maps made they used ghost units, specifically teal galaxy infantry, so they
constantly made jokes bout it until they somehow putted on the name...so ghost units/teal
assasins are both accepted..

Mr. Fishermon (04/05/2009 04:12pm):
(surely you understand; your most recent map also had some traits
identified as unconventional)

you got me here hehehe...aw well just so you know, just because what i ssaid about the
bases..i wasnīt saying that your map was bad..in fact ilike it...ok? your right..another
bases lets for a good imnfanry spam for the meatwalls
Mr. Fishermon (04/11/2009 12:55pm):
Thank you kindly for clearing that up, sir Airob. I'm pleased that you like the map.
Nyvelion (03/23/2013 08:15am):
Random Teal units?

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