Creator: khdou || First Published: 04/05/2009 || Players: 6 || Size: 14x8
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.00 in 24 ratings
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khdou (04/05/2009 06:35pm | Edited: 04/05/2009 09:11pm):
Inspired by Shinobu Kaitani's Liar Game, this is the ultimate test of game theory.

This is FFA, broken into 2 sides with 3 countries each. To capture or not to capture their
HQs? It seems pointless- if you head for an HQ one of the surrounding 2 countries will
kill you, and the enemy threatens to come to your HQs in the center. However, there is a
solution and that is...

Collaborate! Each side must sacrifice their landers so they can reach the center. If each
of the 3 players on one side work together, they can reach the center and take out the
opponents at optimum speed. However, if you are blinded by greed, capturing your
cooperating allies' HQs or capturing the base, you jeopardize the entire team. Every turn
waste on yourself is 1 extra turn for the enemy, who, if working together, can annihilate
all your efforts.

So what will it be? Work together but leave your trust entirely to your so-called "team"?
Or save yourself and risk losing to the side who collaborates?

Ignore the terrain, I just made it mostly roads so weather wont screw anything up. And the
rivers and forests are scenic and more interesting than the dull plains
cwdou (04/05/2009 07:03pm | Edited: 04/05/2009 07:05pm):
Boot will ruin the point of this game entirely. Make sure you background check everyone
who wants to play to see if they are active or not. Good work, I'm interested to see how it
turns out. 9/10.
Hydralisk24 (04/06/2009 04:12am):
Boot ruins ANY game.
Falconewing (04/06/2009 06:57pm):
default05 (04/10/2009 09:39pm):
This is just to awesome of an idea. Way to go

alchemi (04/20/2009 08:36pm):
I love liars game
khdou (04/30/2009 09:50pm | Edited: 05/05/2009 01:16am):
liars game= epic win

Btw, just confirmed testing. Even the "god method" in which maximizes
income+speed+security+capture of the base producing a tank on the 4th turn, is still one
square short to stop a team that can reach the center HQ first on the 5th day, which is
exactly the point of this map- cooperate to win. Now for the technicalities:

Unit Bans- Recons +artillery + piperunner are a must. Anything else is optional and just
depends on preference, but I would say mechs and Md.tanks+

Funds- Ideally 500, enough to purchase units, but production isn't the main point.

Capture Limit- optional, but 14 is good because it is one entire side+one extra

This map wasn't intended to include CO Powers on, so that should be simple enough.
cwdou (05/02/2009 05:06pm):
I was the one who used the so called "god method" mentioned above. The method to stop it
is pretty impractical. It would require 100% cooperation from Amber Blaze (or Teal Galexy
depending on which side is trying to stop it) to volunarily move to the center of the map and
defend the HQs. This is pretty selfless (i.e. stupid) because those who stay back would
have complete control over whether you live or die. Also, if you're just one step late, you
wouldn't make it in time. But then again, the "god method" is not something that happens
naturally either. You need to manipulate both of your teammates to do exactly what you
want them to do (I had to write essays over the "press" each turn to do it). I don't think it is a
scenario that people have to worry about.

This map is pretty much flawless under the condtions that khdou described. It's a great
experiment on human nature. Way to go khdou, perfect on the first try.
Meta Rexy (05/05/2009 06:20pm):
This is a great idea.. except what happens at the end, once you capture the "other team" HQs?
It's supposed to be an FFA right? What happens after the team collaborates to kick out the
other side?
khdou (05/05/2009 10:57pm | Edited: 05/05/2009 11:00pm):
Good question- it would lead to another mini "collaborate" map where it's the 2 countries
vs the country with the base. Whoever takes one for the team will lose, but they can't
just wait it out either because the other country will kill them both as well. And it's
not advantageous to be the country with the base because you know you'll be the first one

And what happens if all countries all work together? Kudos to them, as of right now that
has yet to happen; none have been selfless enough to even make it through the first stage.
MilkSlirper1 (03/06/2011 09:14pm):
Joining ready to help my teammates. Should be fun!
Headphone (10/13/2011 06:03pm):
Playing this map made me rage a little.
pen (07/09/2012 01:02pm | Edited: 07/30/2014 04:15pm):
NeonTurtle (08/19/2012 07:14pm):
How do u sacrifice your landers?
pen (11/23/2012 01:17am):
Hit delete on the menu after clicking on them; it should be at the bottom.

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