Drop the Anvil!
Creator: Mr. Fishermon || First Published: 04/06/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 26x30
Categories: Casual Play, Sprite, Mixed Base
Rating: 6.50 in 8 ratings
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Mr. Fishermon (04/06/2009 02:57pm):
An anvil shaped map.
The shoals are there to resemble motion lines, emulating that the anvil is in fact
progressing in a downward direction.
Thanks to the Teal assassins, (thank you sir Amthc356 for teaching me the proper
terminology) there are some repair stations for air units.
Everzwijn (04/08/2009 07:33am):
Someone dared to phantom 1 a playable sprite map? This is blasphemy I shall not condone! >:[
*counter 10s*

Anyway, I don't see any real flaws in this map. Well, except that a day 2 Sturm recon can
interrupt the base capture. You might want to ban him for that.
Might be a bit underfunded for 2 airports and 3 bases per side. But then, I'm usually
criticized for being a fan of high fundage, so you might want to not follow my advice on
that point.
airob (04/09/2009 02:18pm):
follw everz advive!!!... some more cities(2 or 3 per side) im a fan of big funded too
Xmo5 (04/11/2009 11:59am):
^^ what they said!

*counter 10s as well*
Mr. Fishermon (04/11/2009 12:50pm):
Thank you kindly, sir Everzwijn and sir Xmo5.

I've editted the map to add 3 cities per side as per sir Airob's suggestion.
Sivarticus2 (04/13/2009 06:34pm):
Wow, Fishermon. After all the idiots you encounter on the internet ( though there aren't that
many on this site), its really nice to read someone's posts that are well worded and use
extremely good grammer. Acually, that many big words in one paragraph are starting to
make my brain hurt :p
airob (04/13/2009 07:27pm):
and extremely kind
Sivarticus2 (04/14/2009 05:41pm):
That too X D
Mr. Fishermon (04/14/2009 08:44pm):
Thank you for your kind words, sir Sivarticus and sir Airob. I feel honored that your
opinions of me are so high even though I've only been here for a short time. Your words
make me feel very welcome here. Again, I thank you for your hospitality, kind sirs.

Sir Sivarticus, I deeply apologize for making your brain hurt. I'll try to tone my
vocabulary down a bit from now on.

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