Dry Valley
Creator: Mr. Fishermon || First Published: 04/11/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x26
Categories: Casual Play
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Mr. Fishermon (04/11/2009 12:40pm):
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my fourth attempt at a map.
It's a little bigger and higher funded than my previous attempts, but has an extra base
per side to make up for it.
As on my other maps, teal assassins allow for repair spots for your wounded air units.

I hope you good people like it.
airob (04/11/2009 07:15pm):
itīs quite a good map..the airports near the pipes might be lockable by an enemy
missile...but since it would be from the center were the front is i think thereīs no
trouble..itīs a good map, but it has some chokepointy areas mostly in the two-aquare wide
DuelStriker (04/12/2009 10:29am):
Good map. Does there really need to be that many ghosted airports though? :P

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