simple, yes? #4
Creator: jpegshinobi || First Published: 04/13/2009 || Players: 4 || Size: 14x14
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jpegshinobi (04/13/2009 03:18pm):
Here's the 4 player version, This does involve using team work. The teams should be ABAB.
I was not sure where the FTA counter should go becuase of the team set up. I'm not what
else to say except

Shadow Star (04/13/2009 03:49pm):
FTA counter can be safely done by making the teams ABBA Base count looks very high for
the amount of cities the map has. 12 property would be enough for 2 bases for one player.
and as a team game, one base per is going to be all that they can afford, currently it's going
to become an infantry flood. (ok, mech flood)
Cut back on the roads a little bit, and swap around some of the mountains and forests to
enable a more fluid game.
Nyvelion (04/13/2009 06:04pm):
It's already ABBA. Obviously it's meant to be OS and YC vs. BM and GE.
funwes (04/13/2009 06:47pm):
^Heh, BM or OS as Sami
jpegshinobi (04/14/2009 05:43am):
OH, I'm sorry, what i meant is GE AND OS VS YC AND BM. I had a small mix up in my thinking
process. xD

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