Have You Heard
Creator: sirfuxalot || First Published: 04/15/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 13x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.90 in 10 ratings
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tst5382 (04/16/2009 11:24am):
...about black tiles?
Armageddon07 (04/24/2009 01:35pm):
...About bill Nye?
Rast (04/30/2009 11:03pm):
about your mom?
alamech (01/17/2010 12:07pm):
... about the surfin' bird?
justinmwiles (01/25/2010 12:54am):
... about the long term effects of carbonated beverages?

Also, why does blue start with 1 infantry? Is that common?
DrWalkItOff (02/05/2010 02:36pm):
Blue starts with 1 infantry to compensate for the player having to start second.
Headphone (07/03/2010 05:50pm):
Bird! Bird! Bird!
Something Something word.
Tyrantboy (02/04/2011 09:57am):
about Tyrantboy?
Windwavern (02/06/2011 06:42pm):
... about HQ rushes?

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