Super X
Creator: masyumaron || First Published: 04/16/2009 || Players: 4 || Size: 21x21
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.12 in 25 ratings
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Everzwijn (04/16/2009 12:57pm):
*is not a fan of the central com tower*
Other than that, it's pretty good.
masyumaron (04/16/2009 03:52pm):
Thanks for your adv.
jpegshinobi (04/23/2009 02:32pm):
a shoal locked central port?... ~.~ ... seriously?

that's a new concept... for a map with no other ports....
Shocker51374 (04/30/2009 01:40pm):
You can build a Battleship and use it as "tower".
Darth Hawke (05/03/2009 10:29pm):
I wouldn't make it a port, but a Com Tower wouldn't be a good idea. Neither would a Silo
missile, too. A base would be too powerful and an airport would be too powerful. I don't
know what you should do with the center, make it another city or Com Tower? Just because
one person doesn't like a Com Tower doesn't mean you have to remove it.
Falconewing (05/07/2009 05:31pm):
Make the center a lab.
eczkchtl (05/09/2009 09:42am):

Phoenix3000 (05/20/2009 01:33pm):
what has that to do whit the discussion?
Darth Hawke (05/20/2009 06:31pm):
Everything! >=0
ορ£ορ (05/21/2009 04:02pm):
Central should either be a city or Com Tower, as said above. ^-^

Great map otherwise.
WolfNation (06/17/2009 08:11pm):
(I know it's been said a hundred times) I'd put either a com tower, airport, or (if you really
want to) a lab in the center. I like that it is symmetrical, yet still complex and challenging.
There are a lot of cities and neutral properties, which slows down the game quite a bit, but
overall the map is well done.
jpegshinobi (07/17/2009 03:26pm):
how about, make it a city, because It can be more useful then shoal locked port. unless
you put it there becuase you want it to block other units from passing.
pooku (07/26/2009 11:02pm):
how r u suppose to play?
DJ-Moogle (09/02/2009 07:13pm):
This is a good map even with the port, but I think a Com Tower would be more worth
fighting for in the middle :3
DuelStriker (09/07/2009 11:01am):
It is a good map, but seriously, what the hell is with all of the games being made on this map?
DJ-Moogle (09/07/2009 10:06pm):
DuelStriker: I'd rather a bunch of games with this map than a bunch of fail maps or
Russian Roulette =P
Falconewing (10/04/2009 07:14am):
wtf russian roulette is fun and it doesnt fail.

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