3v3 Halo Wars
Creator: Day Of Ruins || First Published: 04/23/2009 || Players: 6 || Size: 39x39
Categories: None
Rating: 8.71 in 31 ratings
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Days Of Ruin (04/23/2009 10:48pm):
pIpErUnNeRs BaNeD
Clover_Fanboy (04/23/2009 11:13pm):
Epic dude... epic

ian_the_pro_hasbecome_PROER (04/24/2009 12:40am):
10 for epicness, but since im epic this deserves a phantom 1
Cleffa01 (04/24/2009 03:15am):
Woah! This map is way cool and out of this world!!! I rated 10 for that!
airob (04/24/2009 03:06pm):
i want mountains...hey also ruins, if u happen to make a game here...sure to tell me k?
Days Of Ruin (04/24/2009 04:17pm):
Too late. You can start one if you want.
lolztothewallz (10/27/2010 06:57pm):
i think it has a perfect size for the concept gj i gave a 9
mr_smailey (11/07/2010 08:38pm):
awsome halo wars !!!!! XD dose any one play halo wars i had a team on gamebattles.com on
halo wars my team was the #3 best team to bad they banned halo wars =(
Oopth (12/04/2011 04:48pm | Edited: 12/06/2011 10:41pm):
Yes. Mine was street vendors. My team was also ranked #3 but on a different season. Mad E
Son was the worst team in halo wars history. >=}
PWNHAMMER247 (11/09/2018 02:41pm):

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