Mirthful Green
Creator: Mr. Fishermon || First Published: 04/24/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x19
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
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Mr. Fishermon (04/24/2009 05:11pm):
Kind people, I present to you my sixth map.
This time around, I thought of going for a ground only map with a highly green theme.

I hope you good people like it.
airob (04/24/2009 06:59pm):
bet on it...pretty good fisher
Armageddon07 (04/24/2009 09:27pm):
kiss ass... lol

DuelStriker (04/25/2009 11:53am):
Even though you want to have the map with lots of green, a little blue from rivers, or small
lakes wouldn't hurt. There's just a little too much green right now.
airob (04/25/2009 01:19pm):
well thatīs right, add some rivers at the borders i think, or bettween the piped areas
Mr. Fishermon (04/28/2009 09:37am):
Yes, I suppose adding a little water wouldn't be so bad. Thank you sir DuelStriker, I'll
insert it when I next get the chance to modify this map.
Mr. Fishermon (05/24/2009 09:03am | Edited: 05/24/2009 09:10am):
I've edited the map a bit in accordance to the advice you good sirs have given me. I hope
you like it better now.

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