The Lakeside battle
Creator: T-Rock || First Published: 04/25/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
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Everzwijn (04/25/2009 06:35am):
Clover_Fanboy (04/25/2009 09:48am):
i saw some other guy make maps
like this... urm think his name is
grizlysword or something... any this
map is crap...
Xmo5 (04/25/2009 11:12am):
hahahaha grizlysword!!! I think he finally stopped lol

but yes, I agree, very similar to some of his terrible maps

I recommend spreading your properties out more so that its more interesting and not as
clumped looking... also its very plain and boring looking, add some terrain variety to make
things look better. I'm noticing these same things in all of your maps.....If you haven't already,
you should read this sites guides to map making, they are highly useful and will help you
make more playable and enjoyable maps
Falconewing (05/30/2009 01:56pm):
Just forget about fixing this map.
Bland, property clumps, choky...

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