Another World
Creator: SirCliffordDigby || First Published: 06/11/2009 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 5.42 in 12 ratings
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Falconewing (06/11/2009 08:16am):
CI has a big advantage
Falconewing (06/11/2009 08:17am):
and GS and GE
ltr_17 (09/23/2009 01:38am):
The amount of cities is way too unfair and placement of the terrain is bland/10.
michaelandres (09/23/2009 10:38am):
Why do you rate so badly if this map is on a testing phase?
Just wait until the 8 world wars are finished and see where are the main problems and
unfairness between contries in this map.
spark le fou (10/15/2009 10:37am):
moi je te met 10/10,il faudrait juste qu'elle existe en trois joueur :)
macdad (11/21/2012 11:50am):
first time player. hlow do you actually start the game?
Nyvelion (11/21/2012 12:35pm):
By hitting alt+F4 a lot, and then by not asking that question in the map comments.
tiford (11/27/2012 09:03pm):
geographically bollocks, russia is not that mountainous, just a narrow vertical corridor of
mountains through central russia. Russia should lose 90% of its mountains, and the himalayas
should be far more imposing. Apart from that not too bad, so maybe i was a little harsh

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