The World
Creator: benbever || First Published: 11/01/2005 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 8.96 in 447 ratings
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borgez (11/01/2005 06:05pm):
I love it, great work on this map. this will be fun to test out. 10 out of 10.
the repoman (11/02/2005 10:14am):
looks fun man :) 10-10
Co. James (11/02/2005 02:24pm):
I like the map, I am also going to join the fun
whiteshield (11/02/2005 02:55pm):
Now THIS is an awesome looking map. Ill give ye points just for that.
spudhead (11/02/2005 03:15pm):
sweet map dude
soulindiablo (11/02/2005 09:52pm | Edited: 11/02/2005 09:58pm):
wasnt there another map like this?
the only difference was that it had 8 people in it...
actually there was 2 other maps done months ago that look almost exactly the same
Phantom59 (11/04/2005 07:32am):
each team has a good defensive position, except the team in russia, and the team at the top
of south america. i'm in the latter in a current game and i think i'm gonna get my arse
whooped from both sides of the continent. Surely i will get annihilated before those two
teams even think of moving across to the east?
Good map apart from that
benbever (11/05/2005 06:55am):
GS (Central America) has the same amount of properties close by as the others. As a plus
it has a strategic harbour, not one but two airports on relatively save islands, and two
extra enemybases that might be captured. It is protected by chokepoints. It still may not
be the best choice but it's not bad. (I think.) South America should head to Antartica
also and fight there, North America should move to Greenland and fight there too. ^_^
Russia has about the same thing, with two capturable airports, and it's protected by
chokepoints and having a lot of land.

armorforSLEEP (11/05/2005 11:05am):
OS has alot of open room to not be killed
Destroyer (11/20/2005 07:17am):
great map i just joined. 10/10
silver.arrow (11/23/2005 06:56am):
This looks like a very good map

Tron (11/25/2005 10:18am | Edited: 11/25/2005 10:19am):
Good map just need more space in russia

Xtra (11/26/2005 07:32am):
It's a good idea, but it's too stuffed with stuff. It looks like you placed everything on there in
random spots, making it look messy. Maybe add some open space, put some thought on
where things go, and this map can be very useable, and give it a Risk-like feel
thedudewhoishere (12/01/2005 04:37pm):

jamro1149 (12/10/2005 08:54am):
How long did this take? (10/10)
God of War (12/12/2005 08:01pm):
Greatest map on the site; but why didn't you put an HQ on Antartica?!?!
GaoGaoStegosaurus (12/13/2005 01:16am | Edited: 12/13/2005 01:18am):
>>why didn't you put an HQ on Antartica?!?!
Because no one lives there 'cept for penguins. v_v
Drian (12/17/2005 09:24am):
Just a suggestion. Edit the map a bit and look at the geography, like add mountains where
they need to be, forests, ect. Maybe a building for every state or two or something like that.
Nice map though, very nice.
Giovanni (12/26/2005 10:23am):
je suis belge mais je vois que les anglais savent aussi faire des map
It's cool
Shadow Star (12/26/2005 11:17am):
love this map. my fave country is RF, even though thye are in the middle of the map, and will
probably get hit by OS, BM, and probably BD and AB, they have one of the best positions
ever. if one country falls they are in the best spot for invading that country no matter where
the country is. even YC can't stop RF when RF can quite easily take down all of Russia and
Asia....ok not really easily. but check one of my games on it. called Diplomacy Strikes Again.
not for the faint of heart though.
benbever (12/29/2005 05:18pm):
lol, It took one day or so to make. Antartica is too cold for a HQ, and I like the south
player in Africa.
Nice game@Shadow Star, I didn't think much about dropouts when designing the map, but in
practice there are always dropouts on large 8p maps. That can give RF an advantage, same
with GS, AB and BD. Personally I like to play Amber Blaze, because of the central
position, mountain defense and early airport. Only countries I haven't played with yet are
OS and BD.
technolink (01/26/2006 08:51pm):
Very very accurate for advanced wars. Well balanced,good everythign! Nice, BESTMAPEVER/10
(ie. 10/10)
fullmetalatheist (01/29/2006 10:34am):
this will be like an AW/Risk combo, although it may be a little difficult to move around. It may get frustrating.
Amazing resemblance of the world except antarctica has more than it should... maybe 1-2 bases like
researchfacilites and an airport. 8 is too may
fullmetalatheist (01/29/2006 10:34am):
this will be like an AW/Risk combo, although it may be a little difficult to move around. It may get frustrating.
Amazing resemblance of the world except antarctica has more than it should... maybe 1-2 bases like
researchfacilites and an airport. 8 is too may
dboy (02/04/2006 01:14pm | Edited: 02/19/2006 04:58pm):
An outstanding map. Remarkably detailed, excellently proportioned and varied throughout.
Without a doubt, the best map on awbw.
Baboonius (02/06/2006 03:04am | Edited: 09/05/2006 12:52am):
Steven13 (02/06/2006 08:10am):
good map but Yellow comet doesn't have an airport close to their starting position.
Riukken (02/14/2006 04:22am):
GS is the best on that map. Even though they can get sandwhiched. They control a seaport
that has two sides. Two airports extremely close to GS. And then two bases he can at least
capture by day 5. He has the river, mountains, and the chokepoint as his defense. In my
opinion AB is hard to expand with.
Riukken (02/16/2006 01:55pm):
I am going to say which CO's should go with what country.
{CO Strategy Selection}
OS: Drake
BM: Grit
GE: Anyone
YC: Hachi
RF: Eagle
GS: Kanbei or Hawke
BD: Jake
AB: Olaf or Sasha
chives (02/21/2006 08:14am):
great map 10/10
#9829 Asuka #9829 (02/25/2006 07:43pm):
Gave this map it's 100th rating. Good Job!
Nembras (03/07/2006 07:49am):
Has no one noticed that whoever starts in Northamerica or Asia will have an unfair advantage for being the only
countries with direct acces to an airport? It forces everyone around them to build landers as soon as possible,
lest they capture all island airports via t-copters, while they themselves have no need to build landers at all.
jhuni (03/25/2006 01:36pm | Edited: 03/25/2006 01:41pm):
North america is the only one with an advantage if any asias so close to blue is why.
great map 10/10...
SSN_609 (03/27/2006 11:16pm):
You get a perfect score just for including Taiwan. At least, I think that's Taiwan...
I like how most of the airports are on tiny islands...
You might have gone overboard with the mountains in Asia, but hey, it's your map, and it
does make for two or three chokepoints.
Hmm...the more I try to find weaker countries or ones with significant advantages, the
more I see how balanced your map is... it must have taken you forever to balance it all out...

Very nice job.
happy (03/29/2006 07:35am):
sweet map perfact 10

benbever (04/05/2006 11:37am):
Taiwan is the base northeast of Amber Blaze. All islands represent something.. more or
less geographically correct ;)
The mountains in asia are the himalaya's and they need to be big, to stop Blue Moon and
Amber Blaze from killing each other early game. (Of course they can still mech flood.)
I didn't take drop-out's into consideration as much as I should have when creating this
map, making the more central countries a wise pick. Unless no-one drops out of course ^^
Yellow Comet lies a bit away from everything, needs to expand quickly if it wants to win.

Thanks for all the comments!
DrakeColin (04/10/2006 08:07pm):
Very detailed and the cities are where some major cities are thats realistic for ya!
Giantkrow (04/11/2006 02:20pm):
One of the most detailed versions of the world ever. Very nice. 10/10
gunner1138 (04/11/2006 02:22pm):
Oh !@#$%$#@! Someone just took teh bestest spot that I was going to take!!!1!!
g-dog (04/26/2006 04:20pm):
Better than a real world map!
rizock (04/28/2006 06:49pm):
pure awesome
FireBolt024 (05/02/2006 05:06pm):
Great map, I gave it the 133th rating. It's pretty cool, even though I would think it would be
hard to finish a game here. 9.4/10.
roulio00 (05/04/2006 01:19pm):
nice map , very good work ,
DivineNecromancerZL (05/21/2006 09:37pm):
It deserves my 10.
gamewizard (05/22/2006 06:00am):
Shaky_Alliance01 (05/22/2006 07:01pm | Edited: 05/22/2006 07:03pm):
I got the 140th rating XD. You dont care. Who does. 10/10 dude. If I could go into extra
points, I would give it 15/10. This thing is really awesome. If only the real world map looked
like this...

EDIT: PLEASE PUT PUERTO RICO IN THERE (it's in between north america and england, just a
little above florida. It's an island.
sorosuub1 (05/24/2006 02:55pm):
Love the Nile, and the Suez Canal was pretty clever of you ;) Probably sucks to be in
Central America because the Canadians and Argentinans will both end up double-teaming you.
Pyrranha (05/26/2006 03:04pm):
Canadians? I thought it was the North American Coalition.
Warlocksinsanity (05/26/2006 03:48pm | Edited: 06/19/2006 05:39pm):
Gosh this is a good map good job its awesome world map ever its the clostest thing to the
real world and cities are where major cities are actually located although the world isn't flat
so of course it isn't perfect
moondemon (06/12/2006 08:14am):
Oh my GOD I love this game!!!
moondemon (06/12/2006 08:16am):
1VS1 who can invate me???? Do you afride me????

LuminescentSword (06/19/2006 06:52pm):
Why can't we have Klein Advance Wars?

Still, great map.
Bowwy (06/22/2006 11:57pm):
Dang, I like this map alot. 10/10
Parasect_Fan (06/26/2006 12:43pm):
Looks pretty good, but I don't know much so don't mind me. 10/10
Kota #12467 #12479 (07/01/2006 03:09pm):
cowkiller009 (07/12/2006 12:07pm):
Aweseom map! I could see myself really enjoying this map!
Silver Dragon (07/12/2006 07:00pm):
Drian, if states where cities, Africa and America would annihilate everyone fund wise. :P

Well done, though Japan's going to have a time with all those little islands... 10
Deoxy Knight (07/14/2006 01:21am):
I suggest giving Gray Sky an extra city or something. Unless OS or GE is on their team, it has
to deal with two fronts rather quickly, compared to others.
CO_Miles (07/31/2006 03:33pm):
I'm entering the melee. OS has a big advantage from getting a quick shot at an airport. A OS
Colin could be potentially deadly. Someone said RF should be Eagle. WTF? The closest
airport is on an island. You'd be better off as Hawke and attack with powerful ground units.
Of course, my idea plan as RF is to spread out as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Hmm...maybe I shoulda been Sami?
Kitties Eagles (08/01/2006 09:12am):
YC has an unfair advantage if you think about it, but I'm not much for Earth maps anyways.
coolman (08/03/2006 05:42pm):
eh, kinda boring
NecroMage (08/06/2006 10:35am):
GaoGaoStegosaurus (12/13/2005 04:16am):
>>why didn't you put an HQ on Antartica?!?!
Because no one lives there 'cept for penguins. v_v

So make it a cobalt Ice HQ...
Mr Jarna (08/13/2006 07:11am):
10/10 - playing a game on it right now as OS Lash, and it's just fun.

Yeah, GS is kinda in trouble right now, as both me and the GE person are kinda charging
straight at the central portion. Maybe an extra base or summat?

Heh, or a starting lander.
LuminescentSword (08/13/2006 02:16pm):
>>So make it a cobalt Ice HQ...

Can't because of the infinite number of games on it.
NecroMage (08/15/2006 02:29pm):
LuminescentSword: I know that, and you know that. But do THEY know that?
Dr. Disco (08/21/2006 11:02am):
so.... how come Yellow Comet(Japan) is on australia?
gunner1138 (08/21/2006 06:41pm):
I'll give this map a 10/10, or it's 209th rating.
donkyhotay (09/23/2006 02:13am):
You should add a cobalt ice player in antarctica if you can. Then you would have the
attack of the penguins!
jhuni (09/23/2006 08:13pm):
odd how the map anylasis feature says AB wins the most on this map well its really just a
game of luck to see who drop outs and ab has the highest chance of getting a drop-outs
base due to a centerilized positioning.
Gerk (09/27/2006 12:55am):
K jhuni we get it, you don't like FFAs.
jhuni (10/02/2006 05:48pm | Edited: 10/02/2006 06:00pm):
No its not as much as i dont like FFA's its more that i have a `0´ tolerance for imbalances,
and FFA says imbalance all over it unlike 1v1's, 2v2's 3v3's, or 4v4's.
Pyrranha (10/03/2006 08:38pm):
But it's still fun. ^_^ And still has a rating of over 9 in 200-odd votes, which tells you
something about just how good (and how popular) this map is.
jhuni (10/03/2006 10:43pm | Edited: 10/03/2006 10:45pm):
I never said that the map wasnt good in fact i said it was great. Team games are totally
viable on this map anyways.

Of the massive amounts of games being played on this map i found one good example of a
team game and that is:
Pyrranha (10/03/2006 10:51pm):
Hey I'm in that game! ^_^
Teegarden (10/26/2006 09:39am):

My only complant is that I would have liked to have seen used missile silos for Antartica
instead of plains, to give it that ice feel. But that's being pretty picky of me. =D

Great job on the Nile btw.
napolean (10/27/2006 07:19am):
I have played on this map before but just rated it. 10/10
Great map!

P.S. I don't think there is any other map with this many votes. Dose anyone know if there is?
benbever (11/05/2006 08:25am):
I don't know of one. I'm flattered by all the comments and votes.
In the near future I'll make another world map, with a different part of the world as
center, and with empty missile silos and labs.
punyinfantry (11/12/2006 12:12am):
this is too funny...there are random one city island all over the map... XD

this map could actually fit 2 to 3 more players. If you edit it. 2 in Antartica. 1 in
North Africa. Move Red fire to Russia instead of germany. then, move blue moon from
mongolia to like japan or korea.
jhuni (11/13/2006 12:26am | Edited: 11/13/2006 12:28am):
This seems to be a map of what it was like 50,000 centurys ago, becuase Russia, and
Alaska are still connected as orginally theorized do to the conceptual existance of
continental drift, and thus theorizing that that's how the first immigrants got to the U.S.
The Republic (11/30/2006 03:59pm | Edited: 11/30/2006 04:00pm):
This map would be king if you put black tiles along the edges to simulate a globe
Calvacadeofcats (12/03/2006 01:16pm):
The Republic:
Warlocksinsanity (12/04/2006 04:35pm):
The world is flat o.o just kidding I love this map 2nd comment I've done on this page
Fargo (12/17/2006 03:16pm):
This map is, far, one of the most played in my current games XD

Only two questions:

Why japan is in Australia?
I hear from a friend of there that are many japan inmigrators, so I laugh a lot when i see the
YC hq was there


Why are Nazis in Argentina?
I heard that Hitler may have escaped to south america. Is that the reason?

Thanks, the best map ever

swiftninjav2 (12/24/2006 05:01am):
Can ships get through the Suez it doesn't look like it too me.
benbever (12/27/2006 03:22pm):
Ships can go trough the suez north and south.

lol, yes, YC migrated to australia because Japan got too small :)
I placed GE in south america because those countries are a bit europe-like (spanish
influence and all) and yes a lot of nazi figures escaped to hiding in south america after ww2.
isuck (12/31/2006 07:15pm):
I rated it a 10 and it went up by .01!!! =D
jhuni (01/07/2007 02:11am):
That's alot after 267 ratings!!
benbever (01/19/2007 05:05am):
Wow I got three or four 1/10's in one day. Thanks anonymous rater ^
fredfredburger67 (05/29/2007 05:05pm):
This is without doubt the single greatest map ever created.
josh_lile (07/02/2007 07:31pm):
Yo this map is awesome someone reply to this coment and we can tak
Pedro The Lion (07/02/2007 10:35pm):
its good that u put aus in there, but wheres the kiwis?

unknownguy987 (07/16/2007 05:00pm):
great map! it looks like a really fun map and it was really well thought out

lindsay40k (08/03/2007 05:42am):
>>why didn't you put an HQ on Antartica?!?!
>Because no one lives there 'cept for penguins. v_v

Cobalt Ice, then?
Raldow (08/23/2007 03:59pm):
Without a doubt on Earth... 10/10!!!!!
RazgrizAce (10/07/2007 10:09pm):
Dang! this place looks awesome!! Im in.
DDD13 (10/13/2007 01:31pm):
Great Idea, Great Course!!!
DuelStriker (12/21/2007 10:14pm | Edited: 12/21/2007 10:15pm):
lol, this map has so many ratings that when I gave it a 10, the rating didn't change at all.
kostikkid (03/28/2008 09:27am):
i say that it's a 9 seeing as i can never give anyone a perfect score as you can always
themapmaker (06/23/2008 05:13pm):
Same here DualStriker
Zinco (06/27/2008 11:54am):
Mexico is more powerfull than South america (and is greater than a city and a base)
where's UK?
hammertime4000 (10/02/2008 07:49pm):
you should put those black squares so alaska and russia could fight

KeithT (11/02/2008 01:26pm):
this map is so cool, love it cant wait to play on it
Meta Rexy (11/05/2008 06:52pm):
hammertime4000 (10/02/2008 06:49pm):
you should put those black squares so alaska and russia could fight

EXACTLY what I was thinking. This map is incredibly well balanced. :D
But North America only has one enemy close by: GS.
That's not really a good thing as North America is isolated from everyone else, leaving it
to focus on GS.

If you widen the map a little bit and put black squares between America and Russia it will
give america a bit more pressure :P

10/10 for being incredibly balanced.
elultimosamurai (11/06/2008 05:45pm):
how coming the game?
Stupider339 (11/18/2008 02:12pm):
Freakishly accurate to a world map. How long did it take u?
Kruegster (12/14/2008 11:53pm | Edited: 02/01/2009 02:38pm):
An excellent map, but I think Australia has too much of an advantage having its own island.
Yellow can make enough infantry to surround the entire island by around day 9, and this will
make it almost impossible for other players to get to yellow’s capital.3 bases is WAY TOO
MANY for yellow’s island, 2 would be more reasonable. Right now grey is at a slight
disadvantage (having to deal with 2 fronts early in the game), and yellow is in the best
defensive location.

It reminds me of the board game Risk, where the person with Australia usually wins.

Great map overall, it looks good. 9/10
dakota8 (05/01/2009 01:39pm):
join a game of mine and find out

Balla (05/28/2009 07:37pm | Edited: 05/28/2009 07:39pm):
Crazy good! 10/10!
blozzee (10/24/2009 11:05am):
MastaMan88 (11/04/2010 04:51pm):
Amber Blaze's port can only be used with Black Boats and Landers, and the port between
the middle East and Australia is USELESS.
njfball14 (06/05/2011 06:40pm):
400th rating!@!@!! 10/10
RoyalSunset (12/25/2011 11:32am):
401, and does antartica even have an army?
ButtHead (02/27/2012 07:32pm):
great map
pen (02/28/2012 06:35pm):
North America needs more bases in the south...
Karis Fra Mauro (06/17/2012 05:38am):
Zut alors, Montreal is the capital of North America?! Must be the poutine...
pen (06/17/2012 05:59am):
sulla (05/20/2013 10:43am):
UK is just airstrip one! lol
mirddes (01/13/2014 05:04am):
this map is terrible because new zealand is omitted.
FractalSteamer (10/21/2014 09:24pm):
Madagascar is a lot more important.
Nyvelion (01/01/2015 04:39pm):
Antarctica: Now with as many bases as Africa.
Zomboss9000 (09/21/2017 03:04pm):
Can't wait to play

pen (02/16/2018 10:56pm):
At least the Map Committee gave it a sane rating
Yellowash (10/17/2020 10:19pm):
10/10. Only 1 complaint... Hawaii is 5 tiles big while United Kingdom is 4.. Caribbean is 4.. and worse Phillipines is only 3...

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