Ancient Prophecy
Creator: Harti || First Published: 05/23/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x14
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.03 in 33 ratings
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DuelStriker (05/23/2009 01:34pm):
Good terrain, good city placement. And I like the choices each side has, concentrate on the
enemy's HQ or rush units to defend your own HQ using the ports. 9/10
airob (05/23/2009 06:43pm):
a really dangerous map ..good
CompleteDuck (09/04/2009 09:26am):
how is the FTA counter good... pink gets the base 1 turn before BM...
Harti (09/13/2009 08:08am | Edited: 09/13/2009 08:09am):
How is starting as player 2 good?
Getting the base earlier is good indeed.
But those two things should equal out and a few of the playtests show that, also.

The main problem with the map analysis is that many less skilled players play as Blue Moon
here and/or are being booted.
Mattimus (09/24/2009 02:32am | Edited: 09/24/2009 02:33am):
cause pink goes second, so its only fair they get a base first.

at least this is the simple explanation. It seems to be a bit more complicated than this.
Y (10/07/2009 06:24pm):
Harti (10/09/2009 10:18am):
Y wins
tst5381 (02/01/2010 09:58am):
the geust (02/13/2010 10:47pm):
I'd give you a ten, but I dislike airports in maps like this... Eh, nine's not going to
hurt anything.
Meta Rexy (02/14/2010 01:07pm):
This map progresses fast, hard and leaves little room for error.
I like it. :)
Im_Pro_You_Blow (05/07/2010 02:34pm):
Probably the only map that plays quicker on fog.

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