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Strategic Options (Design Map by ^_^ ^_^)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
DuelStriker (06/23/2009 09:35am):
Wow, this is very interesting. Possibly too many pre-owned bases for both sides (maybe
make one or two of them neutral?)
airob (06/23/2009 11:57am):
good map, tough i think, the trapped bases will be mech/infantry rush to the others since
it is too narrow and the overral space is low, consider leaving one base per trapped
section or making a bit wider if u donīt want an artillery to kill the fun or a sami to
rush with infantry the others bases

i always lol at DSīs "WOW"
^_^ ^_^ (06/23/2009 02:35pm):
Changes: 1 base per trapped area, and 2 neutral bases in the center.
airob (06/23/2009 07:14pm):
keep up the good work ^_^
^_^ ^_^ (06/23/2009 07:27pm):
tst5383 (06/26/2009 11:07am):
10 for the brilliant idea.

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