Let's Kill Nuclear Land
Creator: tst5382 || First Published: 06/24/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x15
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative, Mixed Base
Rating: 6.67 in 30 ratings
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tst5382 (06/24/2009 01:04am | Edited: 06/24/2009 01:07am):
"Please, give us a chance!" said missiles.
airob (06/24/2009 05:42pm):
Harti (06/25/2009 01:04am | Edited: 06/25/2009 01:06am):
sweet map!
I bet there's lotsa FTA though :(
Sami Artillery HQ Rush or something.
tst5382 (06/25/2009 10:32am):
Hmm... Then how about moving it slightly inward?
Or... if anyone have other ideas to resupply those bombs, I'm all ear. :)
DuelStriker (06/25/2009 12:26pm):
Falconewing (07/04/2009 09:27am):
I dislike the black bombs cuz they ruin everything!>:(
Falconewing (07/04/2009 09:28am):
Or at least remove SOME black bombs
tst5381 (07/04/2009 09:04pm | Edited: 07/04/2009 09:06pm):
Aww... You just have a negative attitude toward things, don't you?
The blackbombs are the key point to this map. If you want to play normaly just go for the
other maps.
Meta Rexy (07/05/2009 08:29pm):
This looks like an EXTREMELY INTERESTING map. :D
Except full health sami infantry aren't set back by the black bombs. :(
8/10. I wanna try this map.
Falconewing (07/19/2009 08:07pm):
DuelStriker (08/20/2009 10:58am):
Removing black bombs on this map would be stupid.

lol, I love the middle port. 10'd.
EchelonThree (10/10/2009 11:01am):
I must object dear sir, this map fails because of indirect bombers being built after the
black bombs are down, the preponderance of roads in the center gives a great unbeatable
advantage to the commanding officer we know as the subordinate scholar of kindle, Koal.

ChuckingFodder (10/20/2009 09:25pm):
Just because one CO would be broken on the map, doesn't make the map "worse" Besides,
you can just ban Koal, problem solved.

Whats cool about this map is that Missles are actually useful. =) 9/10
asd19901 (10/24/2009 12:18am):
amthc356 (10/31/2009 05:42am):
Games on this map: 12
Missiles built: 3

...don't think it's working...
tst5383 (11/04/2009 01:26am):

Lightning55 (11/14/2009 01:22pm):
It would be very unique. Ban a couple COs (ie Sami, Koal). I don't like the port in the
middle. Not too sure if those bases down the middle line (vertically) should have infantry
on them.

Ban missles. They'd just ruin the point of the map. Maybe one less bomb per team would
have an astounding effect.
psychoticguyLOLENDGAME (02/05/2011 07:17pm):
cool fta
walkerboh01 (03/06/2011 09:58pm):
Awesome idea tst :)
HelloSkitty (04/24/2011 02:51pm):
I think the black bombs in the middle are a bit too far apart, since the explosion radius is only 3
spaces. Maybe put a bomb at the (9,3) forest for OS and (15,11) for BM (The two forests
next to the mountains closer to the center).

It seems that there's too much delay between the beginning and when black bombs are
actually viable to build. Contrary to Lightning. I think there should actually be a few more
(maybe just 1) bombs, though I have yet to play on this map.

Guessing the purpose of the port is whoever gets it can build a carrier and "defuse" all the
systericon (01/29/2013 05:59am):
xD i like your idea
sad thing the 3 space radius of a bomb =/
the port in the middle is like sweet ice cream for me :D love it

Xmo5 (03/06/2013 12:34pm):
IPS (01/07/2015 06:51pm):
This looks pretty awesome. Black bombs give it an unique detail to this also the port on
here (yea, useful for a BADASS BATTLESHIP in ALL the middle! its tought againist direct
atacks and well because having 2-6 atack range wiill not have problems with indirect units
at all.

Missiles can be bought to detroy these black bombs aswell. Maps looks original and unique,
cause of that I will give it a 9/10 even if the map doesnt deserve it at all.
Slazzy (12/02/2018 08:31pm | Edited: 12/02/2018 08:33pm):
Why would anyone build black bombs or anti air missiles on this map ?’
Zeronix (11/11/2019 06:37pm | Edited: 11/11/2019 06:39pm):
IMO, this map has serious FTA. Both players start with 9k income and P2’s eco ramp isnot accelerated enough to
compensate. This means that in the first 3-4 turns, P2 is stuck playing catch-up, which is especially imprtant because many of
the cities can be contested very early on, putting P2 in a bad position for the remainder of the game.

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