Clean swipe
Creator: airob2 || First Published: 06/27/2009 || Players: 6 || Size: 26x28
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 7.20 in 5 ratings
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airob2 (06/27/2009 04:04pm):
team play map, teams are ABBABA ,suggestions any? enjoy
Clover_Fanboy (06/29/2009 05:37pm):
Cool map. Maybe just split the airports a bit further apart
Darth Hawke (08/04/2009 09:52pm):
CI and JS can so easily to a Mech Rush. Plus, with AB and GS's base far away compared to
CI and JS, they'll easily get hit hard. They're pinned down at the bottom while CI and JS
can easily just rush bottom. They aren't going to last very long.

Move AB and GS's base "near" the mountain either upwards or just take out the airport. If
one player has an airport, that's mostly always better. They have to rely on that person
for air support while that player has to rely on ground support, so it works both ways.
airob2 (08/05/2009 03:00pm):
i think ur right,iŽll leave the airport to the corner armies
Wincesty (09/17/2011 06:34pm):
I noticed that GS goes after YC, but AB goes before JS. Grey sky is suppose to go before YC.
ichbinsehselber (10/28/2016 04:44pm):
So the teams should be top and left vs bottom and right then you have
GE,AB, CI team A
YC, GS and JS team B
and ABBABA as you suggested.

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