3v1 Surrounded
Creator: Hiochi || First Published: 11/02/2005 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x20
Categories: None
Rating: 7.71 in 17 ratings
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TheGeneral (12/17/2005 04:49pm):
This is meant to be a team game, and it is the best siege map I've seen, so I give it a 10.
Shift (12/23/2005 09:58am):
Mmmm... good.
Manocheese (02/02/2006 10:51pm):
You can barely get through those mountains. -_-
lazernerd (02/04/2006 11:53am):
if yellow comet was grit they'd own everyone....ban grit
jhuni (08/17/2006 12:23am):
IT sucks to be surrounded =/
GaoGaoStegosaurus (08/25/2006 11:54pm):
YC owns everyone regardless. x_x
jhuni (08/02/2007 04:08am):
If the plays try to swarm YC's HQ they probably will have a chance and they probably will
win if they can use sami.
Creepy Crawly (11/26/2008 10:13pm):
Mech flood to the north lol!! Good map though
pen (09/21/2012 08:32pm):

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