Creator: airob2 || First Published: 07/02/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 5.50 in 4 ratings
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airob2 (07/02/2009 04:55pm):
onoez airob made a small mapz!!!
standard map, ithink eveything is in itīs good spot and all, any suggestion welcome
Rachel100percent (07/02/2009 07:41pm):
The center is gonna get busy real fast... another bridge perhaps?
airob2 (07/02/2009 09:02pm):
added. and d00d, you need to see a doctor =D
airob2 (07/03/2009 12:02pm):
made some changes to terrain
Falconewing (09/01/2009 09:20pm):
too many plains =D
Falconewing (09/01/2009 10:51pm):
lol jk but the n. base near enemy kinda close...
airob (09/02/2009 05:50pm):
itīs meant to belike that =D
Falconewing (09/03/2009 09:26pm):
then its not very good =D at least lab recons
airob (09/04/2009 05:37pm):
no reckon problems have been found as in my early tests, iīm pron ta say the map is ok
walkerboh01 (10/13/2010 01:28am):
This map is solid. The fighting along the upper and lower fronts is really interesting and
definitely requires lots of thought. I've played this map with a few different COs and none
really seemed better than the other (a good thing).

The only thing this map could do better is promote fighting in the center. The center barely
sees any action other than a small-scale infantry battle. Still a very good map though. 9/10.
airob (02/06/2011 12:52pm):
yes i have thought on that...this one was a long finished project but i guess i can see what i do
about it.
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 03:48am):
Downrating to a 7/10. Something really needs to be done about promoting fighting in the center.
Overall it's just a relatively bland map that can easily lead to stalemates...
airob (02/11/2012 01:56am):
Probably moving the towers closer to the center?

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