Piped thoughts
Creator: airob || First Published: 07/12/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x24
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
Rating: 9.00 in 3 ratings
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airob (07/12/2009 05:50pm | Edited: 07/12/2009 06:09pm):
i had this map un-published for about a week or so, iīve been working on this, i even ran
a playtest, and here it is...teh mapz

the arty locked base, is locked, cuz itīs the only one that can deploy piperruners, i put
two arties to evade unit joining and sami D2D, this way a rokcet is the only way to blow
that arties, both trapping a piperruner, the HQ base is a bit far away formthe front, to
impulse mountain infantry flooding(in the test game i ran, few infantry was deployed on
the mountains) and hoepfully to make things less straigh-forward, FTA counter is TWO
infatry,why? well, there are two bases, pre-owned and two neutral, with one infantry , BM
would be getting to deploy first from 3 of 4 bases, the i could put a city in capturing
range of BMīs base, but since we have the arty locked bases, hopefully, that extra
infantry counter will give enough early funds to JS to build a rocket faster than BM and
blow those arties,(normally BM would build first the rocket), the map total size is 23X23,
but due to piped sections and mountain ranges, the map overral is about 17-23, any
suggestions welcome, rate , say, argue, die, boom, blow, live, rest, eat, dance,
cuss,jump, or hate

BAN 5 borkedz plus sturm,
airob (07/12/2009 08:07pm):
people has been saying that thereīs a problem onhow the map looks, if you people see some
black squares, they are NOT supposed tobe there
Harti (07/13/2009 05:04am):
Looking cool. =)
Clover_Fanboy (07/13/2009 06:16am):
Piperunner mountain mushroom pie, and arty pie D:

But srsly, nice map :)
Falconewing (07/31/2009 10:23pm):
Aaah..I see....The ghosted bases for the piperunners, you really don't need two.
airob (08/01/2009 06:04pm):
i wanted the main exit to be the on tracking the road, though, having it that wasy would
make the pipe to get more twisted, so i said"nah, wtf two ghosted bases :)"
Meta Rexy (03/10/2011 06:57pm):
I love this concept. :)
9/10 :D
ichbinsehselber (06/01/2011 08:44am):
I either do not follow airob's arguments fully or do not agree. To me it seems that there
is STA. I am trying to verify that by playing as Jade Sun.

You say implicitely that the map is made for non-fog games. In fog there would be the
simple option to kill the predeployed arties with an arty.

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