Creator: independentt || First Published: 07/25/2009 || Players: 5 || Size: 20x20
Categories: None
Rating: 3.71 in 14 ratings
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Eligitine (07/25/2009 04:13pm):
You cant move into the enmy base with sea or land units.
independentt (07/25/2009 04:21pm):
fixed please rate a better score :)
Varker (07/25/2009 04:27pm):
Why so many labs?
You should place BH's HQ in the center, right now it's moer exposed to yellow and green
independentt (07/25/2009 04:37pm):
Tyrantboy (07/27/2009 09:12pm):
its not fixed

its still closer to YC and GE
independentt (07/27/2009 09:31pm):
Yes but they are last to play too... moron
Falconewing (07/27/2009 10:38pm):
this map is not balanced
Varker (07/27/2009 11:59pm):
"this map is not balanced"...care to say why you think that? you know, we can't read your
SeaThief (08/03/2009 04:10pm):
There's a missing shoal between GE and YC, it kind of screws GE over in case of snow.
independentt (08/24/2009 01:02am):
ill fix it next time
alamech (09/13/2009 04:19pm):
you placed a river tile instead of a sea tile between YC and GE
independentt (09/17/2009 01:47pm | Edited: 12/04/2009 05:28pm):
DuelStriker (09/20/2009 04:08pm):
There actually is a river tile next to a neutral port on the GE/YC side.
Myrith (10/11/2009 11:50am):
In FFA, BH is way overpowered.
BH has no competition in the beginning. By the time the outer players can break the seams
or get to those seaport clusters, BH can have a huge force built up. The four other
players end up fighting each other at the north, south, east, and west center points. They
weaken each other while BH just gets stronger.
Tyrantboy (12/04/2009 06:26pm):
the creator is gay

1/10 for being a retard
Darth Hawke (12/09/2009 01:19am):
The buildings are too clustered to each other and Kinde + Lash are overpowered on this
map. BH is very powerful, but I'm taking it that OS, BM, GE, and YC are fighting against
it, so they have a better chance of surviving. The suggestion I can make is to reduce the
labs for BH to one and place it next to the HQ. There's really not a lot of room for a big
battle, but it's pretty good. 7/10.
Howdy_McGee (07/14/2010 02:09pm):
Is this teams or something?
Nyvelion (08/28/2012 04:37pm):
Maybe it's 2 v 2 v 1? We'll never know.
the-deadly-shadow (07/25/2013 11:15am):
after two turns, YC will probably poses 3 bases, one city and 5 infantery. After tree turns OS
will probably posess 2 bases, zero cities, and 3 infantery, isn't that unfair?

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