Calaveras Isle
Creator: BlitzStrike || First Published: 11/04/2005 || Players: 2 || Size: 13x11
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Rating: 8.19 in 32 ratings
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BlitzStrike (11/04/2005 08:36pm):
i designed this to be "the next spann island"

hope ya like it!
Nahbien (11/04/2005 10:46pm):
Looks fair enough. 8/10
Core_12 (12/10/2005 04:00pm):
Spann Island was asymmetric.
ogierepier (12/30/2005 10:51am):
Green Earth has an advantage because it already has 1 infantry
Shadow Star (12/30/2005 03:50pm):
but OS starts first. so that tries to balance the FTA, and thats about as clsoe as it gets.
jhuni (07/15/2006 01:44am | Edited: 07/15/2006 01:45am):
FTA is not a myth
BlitzStrike (07/22/2006 12:32pm):
if i called it lemon wedge island, would it be better?
AndyS_1975 (08/16/2006 02:28pm):
There is only a FTA when the board is really small and/or most of the properties/factories
are in the middle. Even then you can still attack before the enemy captures. On a map like
this FTA does not really apply. I personally have found that FTA only helps when FOW is on,
otherwise you can see what the other guy is doing and change your strategy.
jhuni (08/19/2006 06:54pm | Edited: 12/04/2006 07:05pm):
FTA's on every symmetrical map because if its symmetrical it obviously can't have FTA
balance, and the basic idea of FTA is that the player with the first turn has one days worth
of extra funds.

I edited it out, because my old post was of a much lower quality then this improved version.
ColdFocus2 (05/31/2007 10:39pm):
BlitzStrike, I would really suggest that a factory replace the middle north and south cities behind the pipe with a
factory instead. It would force the player to make a side decision like the southeasern island in Spann Island (i
know that island didnt have a factory, but it had one pretty close to it if you get what i mean) It would not give too
much of an advantage because the pipe seam is a good and defendable chokepoint. Post here your opinion about
my idea please.
cheerios887 (06/02/2007 02:51pm):
fucking bitches

Delta Squad (06/20/2007 10:43am):
it could work but to even it out they should take away GE infantry or give OS one...8
jhuni (06/20/2007 05:47pm):
I do not agree. I give this a 10/10.
twinblade (06/26/2007 03:27pm):
1. FTA exists

2. This map has a decent FTA counter.

3. 9/10, this is a very playable map. And I dont even really like small, low fund maps.
Dhomochevsky (08/02/2007 09:53am | Edited: 01/05/2008 04:49pm):
excellent map!

Sami is broken, except possibly against Sturm's free movement bonus (I haven't checked), so ban her if you don't
want a walkover game.
Attack and Defend (08/12/2007 11:09pm):
WHAT'S FTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COeagle (08/28/2007 07:01pm | Edited: 08/28/2007 07:01pm):
FTA is first turn advantage. Though it's on every single symmetrical map, it's not really
here because of the lack of central property rushes or multiple fronts. It's more of an issue in

Awesome map. It's one of my favorites, and I'd consider it even better than Spann Island.
lindsay40k (11/10/2007 04:08pm):
I think Sami might be borken here, even though there's not enough Bases to facilitate a
Mech Rush.

Infantry mobbing up in the north and south cities with Artillery support, whilst a mob of
Mech guards the middle properties and threatens a Rush over the mountains, is a low-risk
way of forcing a war of attrition with a decisive 25% economic advantage.
Setheo (11/27/2007 09:13am):
*just smiling and watching at the clock to see how long till those two smack their heads
against each other* ftf....
rast2 (05/19/2008 04:52pm):
is this still an A rank map in 2008?

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