Creator: Harti || First Published: 09/17/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x24
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 5.56 in 34 ratings
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amthc356 (09/17/2009 04:35pm):
...can you give each side a lander or something? It'll be a while before you can even get
a boat, by the time you actually transport any units anywhere, your opponent will have a
decent sized army that they could use to instantly shoot down anything you try to get out.
Harti (09/17/2009 06:29pm):
Testing it :o
Falconewing (09/30/2009 07:31pm):
The FTa counter should be a city because 1 base does barely anything without the lander.
(my comment is only for the map without the lander)
Harti (10/06/2009 12:25pm | Edited: 10/08/2009 02:13pm):
Black Boats and 3 cities per side added for greater funds, shoal unaesthetics fixed
airob (10/06/2009 08:32pm):
tst5383 (10/08/2009 08:54pm):
another brand new style map 0_0 good job harti
Harti (10/25/2009 09:58pm):
Put into review.
puzzle (12/07/2009 02:32pm):
i like this map its alright
Sothis (02/01/2010 12:17pm):
This map has a completely original style, and the fronts develop and change in a way that
I've never seen before. Very nice job Harti.
blanci1 (12/20/2010 01:29pm):
I am all for map variety .... another potentially very interesting one ... looks good fun, with a
variety of opening strategies apparently posible.
A minor point/ just wondering: with predeployed black-boats maybe its hard to be totally
sure about fairness.. (personally i wouldnt worry too much, unless it was a "very" important

Red11 (01/02/2011 11:34pm):
Define 'very important'
airob (01/08/2011 10:44pm):
the tournament currently going on which just has itīs last round on this map perhaps. anyway, i
guess i might as well test this map, alwasy wanted to play here.
airob (01/08/2011 10:57pm):
but i think there might be a small unfairness on this map, i canīt go very deep beacuse that
would be too hard for me to explain, but as any other predeployed unit goes, one of the
armies moves his pred, units first. in this case the bboat.
lets take an example:
both armies make infantries on their first two turns. letīs assume by day three, each army
sends their Bboat with two infantries to the main islandīs 4 square citie clogs.

we already have two infantries built inland, the one for the FTA counter on BD is going north
to get the base so that one doensīt counts.

turn 1- build infantry, move BBoats closer to the back isles(both armies)
turn 2- move infantry to capture one of the city clumps, build infantry, move BBoats to the
isles(both armies)
turn3- here comes the difference.
YC, finish capture, send infantries to the center via BBoat
BD, finish capture, send infantries to the center via BBoat
now while YC did they move first, the BD infantry met itīs foe during turn 3, but i wouldnįt
attack the infantry as that would mean i stop capturing my city. however if i dont attack those
two infantries with mine:

YC turn 4 since my inland infantries finished their capture the day before, they are ready to
move now and attack the invading infs. also since BD captured the insland cities on their
front and didnīt attack my arriving infantries, i can now attack his infantry with mine.
so YC can get first strike on both as defender and attacker, BD can prevent this, attacking on
turn 3 the invading infs, but that would mean he gets at least 2 turns less income than YC
and thus gets a slower expanding.

this is a simple example, perhaps too much, i had have to prove it (itīs just simple logic until
now). but it sure could make a difference in a major scale. and it sure worth testing for.
Red11 (01/09/2011 09:55pm):

Am having an entertaining game with xiaonioa on this map. Grit versus Colin.
blanci1 (02/21/2011 09:11pm | Edited: 03/22/2011 05:40am):
Like i mention above (and expanded on by airob in some detail ..which i think i would need
nyv move planner to follow.!.. he he)
there does seem to be a curiosity with the pre-deployed black-boat... i managed to beat
RockmanX-Zero in like 9 days by continuouly landing infantry and MECH near his bases
(going for the 4 cities with Kindle) as fast as possible... soon causing an overwhelming
distraction. I think dhomo could have done the same to great effect with Kenbei mech in the
no-hold barred tourney.
This tactic needs further exploration... can it be defeated? or must it be copied? It may give
fta or sta... or maybe only with strong infantry/mech on the cities it may be a problem.(sami,
kindle... kenbei/sensei? in broken matchup)
I still think this is a Great map, just may have some wierd goings on ! game with rockman was in league ! he he.

ichbinsehselber (08/23/2011 08:01am):
Enjoyed my games on this map. It is "different" and very original. Due to problems
mentioned by airob deducting 1 point (9/10)
xushu (10/12/2011 11:27am):
A little bit of a balance issue perhaps, but it is fun to play on... 8/10 in my book.
walkerboh01 (02/15/2012 01:09am):
There's problems airob and blanci mentioned, and also pretty bad STA due to the imbalanced
funding from the starting bases. And the property clumping is bad, too. 7/10 for me.
Headphone (02/28/2012 12:14am):
8/10 from me
The fta caused by the funding can be fixed easly, btw.
Harti (05/08/2012 10:50am):
How so?
Headphone (01/13/2018 01:12am):
By making the HQ into a lab

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