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Creator: airob2 || First Published: 09/21/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x19
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
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Harti (09/21/2009 05:27pm):
Nice to see your mapping skills improve :o
airob (09/21/2009 06:33pm):
goodyou think that way...ive been making some strange recent maps....they seem to be good
though :D
i didn´tlet a comment on this one cuz i think it´s easy to decipher what i deviced here ^^
Falconewing (09/22/2009 07:36pm):
DAMMIT I HATE SCHOOL!=D cant get out many maps =(
Taz (10/05/2009 04:06pm):
The map looks very good, but needs some small modifications. JS needs a slightly better
FTA counter, (an extra infantry, probably). and seaports are too close (you may want to
put the island's port a bit further in the canal).
airob2 (10/05/2009 05:46pm): i made somechanges...regarding close ports, i swapped the city´s and ports tile in
the side-centered isles
added another infantry for the other neutral base, i guess capturing an islans base
doesn´treally counter much FTA when they still need ships to transport. k if there´s
anything else you see would fit this map plz tell, and thanks.
Taz (10/08/2009 06:53am):
Mmh... Now I feel like JS has some STA (because JS can take both neutral factories first;
the only point where BM gets first is now the northwest BM factory. I would probably give
BM an extra factory on the shoal in (2,3). Why there? Because JS still gets first to the
extra factory, but BM now has another infantry, which can be used to capture first the
properties around the base. This has to be tested of course...
airob (10/08/2009 11:22pm | Edited: 10/08/2009 11:24pm):
well i´ll make the changes soon and start a playtest...i was thinking though..what if put
the island inf at the same distance? so the FTA counter is only on the mainland neutral base?
on second thought i don´t think the island early capture really adds more than some early 2K
airob2 (10/10/2009 02:39pm):
is this what you meant to do taz?
Falconewing (10/18/2009 05:58pm):
nevr saw new maps and a rank pending at the same time. but good map.
airob2 (10/24/2009 08:10pm):
ok i noticed that the extra infantry you suggest taz gave too much FTA..capturing the back
city earlier let´s the an infantry made on turn 2 rush more easily to the city supposed to
be captured by JS at 2 space under, 4 space to the right of the neutral BM base...
so i edited the map and chose an FTA counter on the mainland rather than the isle bases,
which have an important role until the game´s pretty much stable and advanced
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 03:34am):
I have never been a fan of pinned-in corner bases added just to give an extra front in a game.
Seems so gimmicky, and the action is almost never interesting in those corners; it's like an
unnecessary distraction thrown in at the last second. Map could do perfectly fine without it.
Ranting aside, 7/10.

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