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Islands of Silence (Design Map by Cereal Killer)
Categories: A-Rank

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Cereal Killer (10/10/2009 06:37pm):
Ban the 5 Sturm and BB's
Last Edited on 10/11/2009 04:27pm
Finality (10/10/2009 06:41pm):
I like it. Shoals are my favorite terrain, next to Dor bridges. It's kinda chokey in points tho, add a
few more shoals in places to make 1 tile passages to 2 tile passages.
[JAM] (10/10/2009 06:41pm):
the game
Finality (10/10/2009 06:41pm):
Eh? What's this? How'd it double post?

edited by me.
Last Edited on 10/10/2009 06:41pm
Taz (10/10/2009 08:08pm):
Pretty unusual design. I'm afraid it might be a bit too chokepointy, leading to a game
dominated by indirects. This has to be tested of course.
Cereal Killer (10/11/2009 04:28pm):
Did some editing
tst5383 (10/12/2009 10:35am):
It is chokey but has multiple frontlines. With three bases I guess it will work well.
Headphone (01/14/2012 07:50pm):
the airport might be too contested

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