Europe : The north
Creator: CommanderLex || First Published: 09/27/2009 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 6.00 in 5 ratings
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CommanderLex (09/27/2009 06:56am | Edited: 11/09/2009 02:17pm):
This is the Baltic Sea

Orange Star : Germany , HQ : Berlin
Blue Moon : Danemark , HQ : Copenhague
Green Earth : Netherlands , HQ : Amsterdam
Yellow Comet : Poland , HQ : Warsaw
Red Fire : Sweden , HQ : Stockholm
Brown Desert : Latvia , HQ : Riga
Amber Blaze : Czech republic , HQ : Prague
Jade Sun : Norway , HQ : Oslo

Have fun :) , and if you like Geographical maps , look at my others maps :)

Ploumeur (10/03/2009 08:48am):
More roads please.
Falconewing (10/04/2009 07:11am):
we need roads
Darth Hawke (10/04/2009 09:31am | Edited: 11/07/2009 01:16pm):
I'm pretty sure they didn't have roads at this time.
njfball14 (05/31/2011 05:21pm):
at what time? i don't think this is a certain time period-based map.

i agree with the others, roads are needed, otherwise terrain variety is good
demonhands (11/19/2011 04:09pm):
how about some of those things they call rivers?
Nyvelion (02/06/2014 11:08am):
Rivers? This is Spain and North Africa, there are no rivers!
Tyrantboy (01/08/2015 12:01pm):
Like others said, need roads
The Sky (01/09/2015 12:56am):
What I want to know is that how to start this game.
ichbinsehselber (06/28/2016 03:29pm):
FTA counters are missing

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