Spann Island Swastika
Creator: GoblinKing || First Published: 10/18/2009 || Players: 4 || Size: 29x29
Categories: Joke
Rating: 7.76 in 21 ratings
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Falconewing (10/18/2009 09:10pm):
Omgz another spann island map! Nobody cares about anything else :(
altzan (10/19/2009 08:57am):
Yet this is a rather interesting twist...
I don't really like the centralized airbase though.
Reylly (10/19/2009 03:03pm):
Reylly (10/19/2009 03:11pm):
Reylly (10/19/2009 03:11pm):
airob (10/19/2009 06:21pm):
OMFG another SPAM ISLAND!!!!!! 10d!!!!
GoblinKing (10/20/2009 03:08am):
GoblinKing (10/20/2009 03:09am):
oh and i guess the pursuit of happyness
Nyvelion (10/20/2009 06:37am):
I see... combining two popular themes: Spann Island, and a swastika.
GoblinKing (11/21/2009 02:32am | Edited: 11/21/2009 02:36am):
yah but i added alot of cool twist to it as well
ex. ports and aiport
but to reply to Altzan...
im in a game where i have the air port controlled but cant build there cause everyones
stoping me with the ranged AA so its only purpose for me at this time is an extra funds
i orginaly thought like you ; any one that captures that air port first get a big advantage
but i was sorley wrong and now my front line is suffering cause i wasted so much time and
money to capture that air port
trust me this game does deserve a 1o/1o

tip......its the ports that give you the edge!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phazon Hunter (12/24/2009 06:14am):
Pipes are a lame map idea and swastikas only made you look cool up to 4th grade.

Let's state it clear for you: Fail. Really.
GoblinKing (04/01/2010 01:29pm):
so rate me 1 with like 3 accounts??????
this map was 10/10 8 votes!!!!
funkytown (10/24/2010 06:18pm):
so i herd u liek sPAn iSlANd
pen (08/20/2011 04:02pm):
Nyvelion (08/29/2012 08:42am):
No teams! FFA!
HandyMantis (07/22/2013 04:35pm):
I think this would be better if you mised up the islands a bit, instead of having 2 islands be
blue/red and 2 be green/yellow, but nice idea. 5/10
the-deadly-shadow (12/04/2013 12:00pm):
FTA. Countering an FTA on a map with 8 bases should be done with 4 infantery.
PWNHAMMER247 (05/24/2018 03:06pm):

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