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Swastika (Design Map by r1nce)
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Rating: 5.33 in 24 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
r1nce (04/19/2005 11:38am):
I just wanted to make a map where everyone was even, and all modes of transport were a
viable option of attack. The fight for the middle should prove interesting...
nwhq (04/19/2005 10:44pm):
this might offend some people though
Roma_emu (04/21/2005 08:59pm):
I doubt many people will be offended by it. It's only a symbol, and nothing more. Well, it
doesn't offend me.

The only thing I dislike is that the initial base is too far from action (the middle)...
Will take a loong time before something actually happens.
stealthfire (05/06/2005 07:39am):
make it smaller. then the action will come soon
SRC (06/01/2005 11:19pm):
Yeah, this map is a bit long and boring, a smaller version would be great.
(07/24/2005 01:44am):

this map uses the "good" swastika, so it shouldn't offend anyone
Nyvelion (10/23/2005 04:28pm):
I AM OFFENDED! 1 / 10!
xeliaong (05/04/2006 08:28pm):
you know nothing of symbols. this is the "good" swastika, the buddhist. hitler adopted it
and made it different,.
sirfuxalot (08/08/2006 10:17am):
Well, ignorant people can still be offended by it.
Where no one knows (08/08/2006 11:01am):
Yes, Hitler reversed the swastika and its meaning, it became a symbol of hate an opression,
but it is JUST a Symbol, no big deal.

and ignorant people don't count, cause they're wrong. You cannot hate something you don't
understand or know.
lindsay40k (08/08/2007 05:50pm):
"I just wanted to make a map where everyone was even, and all modes of transport were a
viable option of attack."

That's exactly how Hitler started off :D
friendlyold (11/03/2018 03:26am):
friendlyold (11/03/2018 03:27am):
friendlyold (11/03/2018 03:27am):

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