Aria of War
Creator: xushu || First Published: 10/25/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.06 in 32 ratings
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xushu (10/25/2009 09:45pm | Edited: 10/28/2009 01:32pm):
Okay, some of you might be wondering at the map name. I call it "Aria of War" because my
11 month old daughter (named Aria) helped make it with me. Pretty good, eh? She made most
of the general terrain in that special little person way and I came back and altered it in
a number of places for balance, symmetry, and general playability--pretty sure OS having a
bunch of HQs might be considered a little hax. xD

Naturally, the 5 ought to be banned here, as well as Sturm. Sami and Lash might also end
up being an issue, but that would have to be discovered in play tests. If you hate Javier,
ban him too, but I kind of like him. Aside from that, I think all is well. Enjoy~

^--- Edit: lolz.... yeah, all my maps in creation/editing get named "protomapxx" whatever the
number might be. ^_^

2nd Edit: Moved the Airports out of the mountains and added it to the outside of the
range; Added center bridges to make the river bases more center friendly; readjusted the
woods around the neutral bases.

funwes (10/25/2009 11:07pm | Edited: 10/25/2009 11:08pm):
Sturm loves you for the center, but that's not really /too/ much of a problem. Honestly, I
can't find much else wrong with this without playtesting it. *2 thumbs up*

Edit: Though, a better title might be in order :-P
Falconewing (10/26/2009 07:26am):
This may be a very good map and suitable for leagues.
Falconewing (10/26/2009 05:30pm):
open up the river bases with 1 bridge, and open up the airports a little so quote
Completeduck-"so you don't have to lock them down with missiles."
xushu (10/27/2009 04:35pm):
*nods* I noticed that shortly after I started the test plays (the airport thing); I'll
make those changes as soon as I can.

@ Falconewing: For clarification, do you mean widen the bridges by the base or add another
bridge toward the center of the map?
CompleteDuck (10/27/2009 08:54pm):
he ment add another bridge to the center of the map, so the base gets more usefullnes by
having a wider range.
I see this could be in leauges once you fix some problems.
xushu (10/27/2009 09:03pm | Edited: 10/27/2009 10:17pm):
@CompleteDuck: Thanks, that is what I thought Falc meant; changes will be made to it asap.

Requested Edits Made ---^

I am also considering reducing the amount of woods in general... they look to be
troublesome in some of these tests.
Falconewing (10/30/2009 07:26am):
Leave tehe woods as be.
xushu (11/01/2009 04:29pm | Edited: 11/04/2009 02:20pm):
So be it~ I do not think that FoW ought to be advised then, but then again it might work
out alright since the majority of the woods are central and near occupied bases. ^_^
Falconewing (12/16/2009 09:10pm):
Congratulations on your (first?) league map.
airob (03/29/2010 01:02pm | Edited: 03/29/2010 01:02pm):
the center gets light-loaded with inf solely, while the weak front might be arty spammed
to death, which favours consistently due to to the heavy terrain there, while the strong
side might not be that strong at all, since both of itīs bases have trouble sending tanks
to the front(bieng the front 2-3 spaces away from the com towers) and the weak front might
just as well back a bit with the airport.

it is a bit bad though, that only the north and south areas see any strategic play that
donīt involve inf only. most of the center isnīt even used(at least from the game iīmplaying)
but i guess all in all. itīs a nice map. 9
walkerboh01 (06/05/2010 04:33pm):
In looking at games that were played on it, i think you end up seeing a lot more diversity than that airob. What you
outlined is certainly a possible way for a game to go, but there are plenty of games with heavy fighting in the middle,
and no arty stalemates on the sides. I think this is an awesome map! No changes necessary, 10/10.
airob (08/04/2010 12:33am):
you might possibly see action in the center while playing sami, eagle or lash, that can
take advantage of almost all the map.
itīs obviouslt not the only strategy, but the on i would use more.
Black Mont-Blanc (08/04/2010 05:13pm | Edited: 08/05/2010 07:06am):
Looks like very interesting to obstruction around opponent base's Cities.
I thought that your map name used this URL's animation at first.
xushu (11/08/2011 02:25pm):
To think that this would be my best map, and I cannot even take credit for it! ^_^
Desklamp (02/03/2012 03:57pm):
This is an excellent map. There's a lot of interesting play near the neutral bases. 10/10
Headphone (02/12/2012 11:17pm):
Your daughter should join the Map Committee.
Ignorance (08/14/2013 03:52pm):
I love this map, but I feel BM does somehow have the advantage here.
Veritech (09/03/2013 06:14pm):

I think I'll use the idea of having an airport in the mountains not completely surrounded by
mountains, so AA can rough 'em up, in my Deep Dark Forest map. I wondered how to fix
the problem with the airports...

But great job! Yes, your sister should be on the Map Committee. XD
Mori2 (10/03/2013 01:09pm):
While Aria of War is indeed an amazing map, it's been retired to the Hall-of-Fame for now to
make room for some new and promising Global League maps. It will always be remembered as
one of the greats.
Nyvelion (12/21/2013 11:57am):
Should it be "Area of War"?
HerpLeDerp (02/15/2016 03:37pm):
Played on it as Sensei, should definitely be banned.
Nothing stops his SCOP.
CCCP (11/03/2016 03:23pm | Edited: 11/03/2016 03:26pm):
That's why he's part of the broken five.
Grit, Sensei, Colin, Hachi and Kanbei. And Javier if there are comm tower.
The meta is he should be banned, except on special occasions. So your comment is pointless.
Read the wiki before commenting about something.

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