Creator: CommanderLex || First Published: 11/09/2009 || Players: 14 || Size: 104x95
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 9.32 in 150 ratings
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CommanderLex (11/11/2009 06:59am | Edited: 11/11/2009 07:07am):
This is EUROPE !

Orange Star : Turkey , HQ : Ankara
Blue Moon : Germany , HQ : Berlin
Green Earth : Serbia , HQ : Belgrade
Yellow Comet : Italy , HQ : Rome
Black Hole : France , HQ : Paris
Red Fire : Russia , HQ : Moscow
Grey Sky : Romania , HQ : bucharest
Brown Desert : Maghreb ( Algeria ) , HQ : Alger
Amber Blaze : Egypt , HQ : Cairo
Jade Sun : Greece , HQ : Athens
Cobalt Ice : Sweden , HQ : Stockholm
Pink Cosmos : Latvia , HQ : Riga
Teal Galaxy : Spain , HQ : Madrid
Purple Lightning : United Kingdom , HQ : London

the labs represents the capitals of the playable contries.
The neutral labs represents the countries who can't be played on this map, but can be
played on my other maps ;)

Neutral countries :

Portugal , HQ : Lisbon
Morocco , HQ : Rabat
Ireland , HQ : Dublin
Belgium , HQ : Brussels
Syria , HQ : Damas
Bulgaria , HQ : Sofia
Tunisia , HQ : Tunis
Serbia , HQ :Belgrade
Libya , HQ : Tripolis
Switzerland , HQ : Zurich
Danemark , HQ : Copenhague
Netherlands , HQ : Amsterdam
Poland , HQ : Warsaw
Czech republic , HQ : Prague
Norway , HQ : Oslo

if you like geographical maps , look at my other maps ^^ .
If on this Big map of europe , you can't play your country :( , try to find it on my other maps ;)
( for example : Switzerland , Marocco , Tunisia, Norway , Portugal , Belgium , Netherlands,
Danemark , Bulgaria , etc . . . ) .
CommanderLex (11/11/2009 07:02am | Edited: 11/11/2009 07:09am):
This map is BIG ! perhaps too big ;) . It respect the correct size of Europe .

I tried to balance it, but it's hard :( . So, plz , give me advices to make this map better and
more balanced ^^ , and more realistic ;)

Have Fun ! ^^
Flawed Logic (11/11/2009 03:55pm):
This map is indeed massive. I honestly can imagine a game going on for three straight
years. But the achievement is admirable. 9/10 too big, but too big too fail too.
Darth Hawke (12/23/2009 12:33pm):
COs that cause damage through CO Powers should be banned in my opinion. It's an awesome
map, though!
everr faithful (12/23/2009 02:31pm):
looks flippin neat. cant wait to try it out
Porticus (12/23/2009 03:16pm):
Holy crap!
MarioFanaticXV (12/23/2009 04:32pm):
You do realize that- landers and black boats aside- no ships can get through the Strait of
Gibraltar, right? That rather detracts from the strategic importance it had during the
warring ages of Europe.
everr faithful (12/23/2009 06:30pm):
the strait of Gibraltar thing should be fixed i think, also, the black forest should be
created relative to where it really is.
LordSeraphes (01/05/2010 12:30am):
Also I think the SE coast of Spain should be a bit less... protruding.
chesskelvin (01/05/2010 12:34am):
Looks good, trying it out soon
Lord_Echo (01/05/2010 12:43am):
I would like to play on this map, but I doubt anyone would be interested save for Hardcores
(who would crush me)and insomniacs. Darth Hawke is right, but I would play as them if I
could. I would give you 10/10, but this is JUST TOO BIG!!1! plus, I like European Diplomats
better, so i'll give you an 8 for the effort.
chesskelvin (01/07/2010 03:33am | Edited: 01/07/2010 05:51am):
What are the dimensions of this map?
HosaD (01/13/2010 01:25pm):
It could use more roads
Tyrantboy (01/25/2010 11:22am):
holy f**k
tst5381 (01/25/2010 03:53pm):
Why not add rivers onto it? And maybe some scattered mountains.
BlakN0va (01/25/2010 05:50pm):
Its awesome, the work on this map is dam big Oo! Congratz, dimensions are perfect, one
word: Good job 5*
Lord_Echo (01/30/2010 12:51am):
Greece and the Balkans have more mountains.
Russia has more rivers.
Iberia has more of both.
Ireland and Central Europe have more rivers.
Darth Hawke (01/31/2010 12:03pm):
It's the east of Russia, Lord. Russia is now located in Asia, so basically, it's correct.
yekesil (02/05/2010 08:27pm):
This make is great except there are no rivers!
Harmony Bunny (02/14/2010 06:35pm | Edited: 02/15/2010 12:11pm):
Glory be to the evil empire of french black hole :p

Lack of rivers ain't no real problem, but roads doesn't look that nice I think

edit: woah Serbia's both aligned and neutral?
Oscar0222 (02/20/2010 12:14pm):
Sensei of Yellow Comet (03/05/2010 11:23pm | Edited: 03/05/2010 11:23pm):
Epic map. But when Fog of War is on, there is a black line on tiles that resemble 0
movement squares. Does anyone know whether they actually function like that in this case?
Here is the URL to my game.
TI(GER)-86 (03/24/2010 11:02am):
TI(GER)-86 (03/24/2010 11:05am):
No lakes an no rivers.
Erniewan (03/24/2010 06:07pm):
I have a feeling this is going to come down to who has the most patience...
Anyways, I wish you had correlated the countries a little more to their AW counterparts
(e.g. Red Fire for Great Britain, Blue Moon for Russia, etc.)
Kylesico912 (03/27/2010 10:28am | Edited: 03/27/2010 10:38pm):
it will look more realistic if theres mountions connecting russia and turkey to europe sense
there is a mountion chain over there but at least add passes into it for tank movement.
Robin28 (03/30/2010 08:06pm):
width 104 and heigth 95 LOL

nice. 10/10
magnacarta (04/03/2010 12:14pm):
Super fun to play, just wish more people would play the whole thing through. 10/10
Luthskywalker (04/06/2010 10:37pm):
Its really nice looking and all, but it takes like 5 mins to load the map everytime
because of its size. Makes playing on it kind of a pain
thucydides (05/03/2010 11:28pm):
It's unfortunate about the straits not being accessible to larger ships.

If that could be fixed... that would be nice.
waylonman (05/23/2010 05:15pm):
its awesome when people actually play
Erniewan (06/02/2010 10:02am):
Question: If you capture a Lab, does it become an alternate HQ (meaning you lose if it's
captured). If not, what is their purpose, and why not use regular HQs?
kylet8 (07/08/2010 02:22pm):
when do we play

Discovery71 (08/02/2010 04:42pm):
how do you make maps this big?!?!?!
MTC (08/04/2010 02:50pm):
“when Fog of War is on, there is a black line on tiles that resemble 0 movement squares.”

For anyone interested, this black line on this map is purely a graphical glitch, not a
functional line of 0 movement squares. I can confirm this having tested it in a game I’m
playing on this map right now.
Erniewan (08/11/2010 05:43pm):
Note: This is a potentially fun map, but don't play it unless you plan to spend a few
hours on each turn, and a game that will last forever (a few years probably).
Also, ban Hawke, his SCOP is really cheap.
Esparza (08/12/2010 12:22am):
blah blah blah (08/15/2010 08:21pm):
to make straits accessible to all ships the bridges have to be like in AWDoR, this would
fix the problem in this map and make games in other maps much better...
Agentomega (11/14/2010 02:05am):
I've noticed a rather glaring problem: There aren't any HQs on this map at all. Isn't
that kind of an insta-lose?
Absolutis (11/15/2010 01:07pm):
*facepalm* labs also work as HQs.
Tapion (12/01/2010 02:23pm | Edited: 12/01/2010 02:23pm):
I personally think Russia should be BM, Germany should be GE and United Kingdom should
be OS because it would fit in the style of the Units.
Nice map anyways.
jethro (02/08/2011 08:56pm):
blah blah blah (08/15/2010 08:21pm):
to make straits accessible to all ships the bridges have to be like in AWDoR, this would
fix the problem in this map and make games in other maps much better...

I totally agree w/ this statement. i really think if u put a DoR bridge on the strait of gibraltar it
would increase the strategic impotance of it as in rreal life
Kruegster (03/05/2011 03:45pm):
The map looks amazing. But I would never want to play on it. I kill enough time playing
AWBW as it is... playing on this map until it is finnished will take up many many hours of
time... So many units, and so much clicking =(
knappo555 (03/23/2011 09:04am):
This map looks awesome only 3 minor problems;
the size of poland and etc, should be a bit smaller in my opinion. Only due to the fact to make
it more quicker to get to russia from europe because it seems like it wud take 5 turns just to
reach russia with a tank.
Another problem which has been mentioned is the bottom of spain where big ships can't get
The last one is the English Channel just for the conviniance of ships being able to get through
instead they have to go all around britain

Still amazingly realistic and jaw dropping in how amazing it looks xD
Trick15 (06/16/2011 08:10pm):
People could try to play as the alliances in WW1 + others I guess
Big Dawg (06/17/2011 12:15am):
How do you make maps bigger then 40x40?
MAX FORCE (09/11/2011 03:45pm):
What Big Dawg said.
Kruegster (10/17/2011 04:53pm):
You can make a map bigger than 40x40 if you install a map maker onto your computer, then
upload the map.

However, making a map bigger than 40x40 isn't practical for palying. A map like this is more
for looks rather trying to actually spend hours and hours playing on it.
Nyvelion (04/16/2012 09:01pm):
I would never play this map, but I'm still impressed by it. Well done.
money money (07/10/2012 01:19am):
want to play ember red villeg defens
Der Aasfresser (11/25/2012 11:25am):
Maybe England has a serious advantage if we compare with the other countries ...
Foundation (01/28/2013 08:47am):
What would be fair teams?
Karis Fra Mauro (03/22/2013 10:00pm):
I've had to give up on Earthling 2.0 as my favorite giant map because nobody plays, but
perhaps this is worth replacing it... I'd prefer some predeploy but that aside it's most
Eddybag (03/24/2013 02:59pm):
Great map :D!
the hawke (03/27/2013 06:57pm):
HIHIH PLZ COME BACK SOON this is so freaking AWESOME. i could barely find my own
army! LOL
the-deadly-shadow (07/29/2013 09:54am):
I think adding rivers would be nice. For the ones who don't know : maybe the strate of gibralta
should have a port, so both land and sea units can cross. If you dont like unitproduction there,
one can put a gost unit on it.
Ignorance (09/18/2013 03:04pm):
I love the map.

Although it's utterly huge and people will drop, it's still awesome.

I love all the different fronts you can play on the map, even with quitters and how long
this can last, just like a real tactical masterpiece.

Also, great job at putting the effort into making this map, very impressive indeed. 10/10
From me mate.
mirddes (12/13/2013 10:27am):
its way too big, im dropping because of the amount of scrolling required to make a single
turn. (scrolling dozens of times)
Noisyfoxx (12/18/2013 08:24am):
Im Hosting one now.
Will add a relatively low abandon timer for such a huge map.
Boris Ivanov (01/22/2014 03:37pm):
My only gripe with this map is the lack of large mountain ranges, rivers, and obstacles, 7/10
needs more terrain variety.
Nyvelion (02/25/2014 07:31am):
I too would like you to add rivers, guy who hasn't logged on in 2.5 years.
BountyFrog (08/17/2015 07:30pm | Edited: 08/17/2015 07:31pm):
Why isn't this and some of his other Europe maps in the historical/geographical map section?
Bamboozle (08/18/2015 12:09am):
They are. Unless they were just added today, but I'm pretty sure they were always
in there.
NekoHybrid (08/18/2015 10:07am):
So, I joined the game and all it says it, I joined, what else? Show nothing else, do I wait or go somewere?
NekoHybrid (08/18/2015 10:08am | Edited: 08/18/2015 10:09am):

BountyFrog (08/18/2015 03:19pm):
Ok well this one is now and it was not before, but what about his Europe south west and south east maps?
a9977321 (11/04/2015 09:20pm):
Advice: 1 port for Gibraltar
1 or 2 ports for Istanbul
Then ships can move all over the map.
observerandhost (06/29/2016 11:52am):
When moving units you'd better use 'set path' to move your unit since bugs may occur when
you use 'move'option in this map to move your units for long distances.
Chiku (09/03/2016 10:17pm):
how does he make big maps?
coolguy5000 (04/13/2018 11:07am):
dis mapz iz big, too big to have an actual game,
coolguy5000 (04/13/2018 11:07am):
but i like it anyway
knocklok (05/05/2018 02:09am | Edited: 05/05/2018 02:10am):
Theres a glitch when playing FOW, the east part of the map didn't have FOW protected while in some
tiles turned black between England and Ireland
WaddleDee (09/13/2018 07:30pm):
Nonkey (09/21/2018 06:31pm):
expand D O N G
SonjaTheSuperior (10/12/2018 06:42pm):
@knocklock. Probably happens because it is over the limit of squares. As a result there are a lot of glitches.
shen150 (02/14/2019 06:54pm):
They said Ridley was too big for Smash, they were wrong. They say this map is too big for play, let's
prove them wrong.
MisterAmalgam (06/08/2019 03:14am):
Great map, really appreciate the work you put into it.
imdumb (11/07/2019 03:30pm):
this is the biggest map i have ever seen.
DrKatz (02/25/2020 01:57am):
Holy Sheet!! This map is huge yall, how long does a match last with map this big? 3 months?
J_F_Tuxxy (03/15/2020 05:43am):
ok, I gotta ask,
how do you make maps this big?
Surto3 (05/16/2020 06:04am):
No longer possible it seems. If I try to make a map over a specific size, I think it was 45x50 or so the editor derps out and won't
accept the input. I assume it has to do with the total number of tiles on the map so it's probably not restricted to specfically that
size ratio. Is probably a well-known bug I've just never heard about.
Yellowash (08/25/2020 10:19pm):
Yeah something weird happens now. 46x50 is the maximum it'll let you upload, but like Surto3 said, it generates problems on the editor. When you save the map, it automatically puts land tiles on like the bottom 15 rows. The width can range form 5 - 50 tiles, while the height 2 - 47 tiles. So, the thinnest horizontal map is 50 x 2 and the thinnest vertical map is 5 x 47. I haven't yet figured out the maximum number of total tiles allowed without the editor erasing a part of your creation.

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