Earthling v2.0 (proxy Wars)
Creator: SirCliffordDigby || First Published: 07/13/2011 || Players: 7 || Size: 100x100
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.39 in 38 ratings
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SirCliffordDigby (07/13/2011 08:30am | Edited: 03/13/2012 11:47am):
Geographically accurate old world map (minus the america's Australia and Japan etc..)

All countries have been rated by current (real life) millitary power (army/airforce/navy) +
have been given bonus cities for population + Bonus lab for millitary spend + Silo for
nuclear capabilities
Each CO recieves six countries to command (two largest contain HQ, third: comms tower,
fourth: lab, and 2 bonus allies) and conquer the world - Nautrally
more powerful countries allied with smaller nations

There are bug problems with large maps like this so it's advised to USE "SET PATH"

Orange Star
Egypt & India (HQ's)
Thailand (comms tower)
Yemen (lab)
Netherlands & Romania

Blue Moon
Germany & China (HQ's)
Syria (comms tower)
Nigeria (lab)
Singapore & Belarus

Green Earth
France & Isreal (HQ's)
Greece (comms tower)
Philipines (lab)
Nepal & Algeria

Yellow Comet
Italy & North Korea (HQ's)
Spain (comms tower)
Vietnam (lab)
Libya & Kuwait

Grey Sky
Russia & Iran (HQ's)
Saudi Arabia (comms tower)
Belgium (lab)
DPR Congo & Malaysia

Red Fire
Turkey & Pakistan (HQ's)
Indonesia (comms tower)
Jordan (lab)
Denmark & Morocco

Black Hole
UK & Taiwan (HQ's)
Ukraine (comms tower)
Ethiopia (lab)
Quatar & Bangladesh

Finland (port)
Sweden (port)
Norway (port)
Poland (factory)
Switzerland (factory)
Iraq (airport)
Lebanon (factory)
Georgia (airport)
Afghanistan (factory)
Khazakstan (factory)

all other neutral cities represent capital cities of the world


SirCliffordDigby (07/13/2011 08:58am):
I See - i've had to put Lab's in for all teams - so those i didn't want to have labs ive given to
the weakest allie!!!

bohwalker (07/13/2011 10:16am):
Wow. Just... wow.
wareagle (07/13/2011 06:48pm | Edited: 07/13/2011 06:49pm):
I'm sure alot of work has gone into this, i don't see why people like these maps so much
though. Most, like this have huge bland empty areas and massive terrain clumps. There's no
balance whatsoever too. Am i the only one that just doesn't get the appeal of these maps?
pen (07/14/2011 01:53pm | Edited: 07/07/2012 01:02am):
I was being just plain mean lol sorry
DJ-Moogle (07/14/2011 10:18pm):
You're not alone, wareagle.....i don't get the appeal either....I'd be extremely surprised
to see a genuinely good game that gets completed.
Azzaphox (07/15/2011 07:29am):
Yes, you are right.
The maps are very large and will not be so fun if there are lots of dropouts.
Also having so many different colours means you need a boot time of 3 days just to get rid
of all the casual players.

HOWEVER - it is something different and may prove interesting.
also it is at least playable now the site loading times have speeded up.
joeyeltaki (08/21/2011 06:52pm):
teal should be Jordan, not lebanon. lebanon is actually north of israel(palestine) and west of
SirCliffordDigby (08/24/2011 07:27am):
apologies joeyeltaki

i think i may have mixed up jordan and lebanon in my blurb
joeyeltaki (08/25/2011 09:53pm):
simple mistake :)

demonhands (09/01/2011 08:53pm):
I joined several of these games, as well as created one myself, and none seem to work for me.
Everytime I try to move a unit, when the game loads it waits in position or the screen blanks out.
SirCliffordDigby (09/06/2011 05:21am):
yeah noticed that, not sure how to fix it, any idea's anyone?
SirCliffordDigby (09/06/2011 08:35pm):
seems to work alright using "set path" for moves over 4 squares
Joly (09/27/2011 11:35pm):
Very impressive. 10/10
demonhands (10/18/2011 02:42pm):
i see you revised...but why is russia's capital so far east...makes it look more like the mongolian
empire than Russia.
JesterGTR (10/21/2011 12:36am):
Give Israel a few more tanks. That's just how they roll.
demonhands (10/21/2011 08:09pm):
@ JesterGTR
maybe one more tank at most. they do have good tanks but the numbers of them are not as
high as their apcs/armors and logistics vehicles.

kailg (11/04/2011 10:30pm):
this is imbalanced so much conflict. This will probaly end up like diplomacy
Dasherman (11/12/2011 11:23pm):
Masterpiece! This is art! This is...OVER 9000!!!!!
hetchel (03/14/2012 08:39am):
This is... exactly 10 000.
332 of which are properties.
Karis Fra Mauro (07/04/2012 12:56pm):
Dang, playing just one turn almost broke me. 10 out of 10.
SenseofNone (07/12/2012 03:43am):
HAHA.. Playing this would take time. But with all that world map thing, it'll be fun! We
could play World War with this!!

Ignorance (09/20/2012 09:09am):
FTA much? Lol

Still, cool concept for a map. 7/10
Fatman (09/20/2012 04:57pm):
Played a game on this. It became a 1v1 eventually (and with me being in a terrible spot as GS
vs OS) but we agreed to a draw. We lasted 10 days!
Nyvelion (11/15/2012 09:22am):
The size of this map is very impressive.
blozzee (11/20/2012 02:09pm):
Waltsski (02/19/2013 08:02am):

and secondly I think that the distribution of troops of troops is to clustered their and
will devaste a lot of players and the victor will have to great of an advantage, given
that the other remaining players are still alive and didn't make a coalition. The idea
of this map is great and fairly detail. Russia should have more cities because of the
oil production.

Bamboozle (07/16/2013 12:27pm | Edited: 07/16/2013 12:27pm):
FTA ruins it.
Nyvelion (05/06/2014 07:21am):
FTA fixes it!
IPS (03/14/2015 10:14pm):
Predeploy units ruins my intentions to try it q__q
ichbinsehselber (02/16/2017 07:25pm):
this map is a very impressive piece of work.
That said, it is unfortunately totally unplayable.
Tanker4390 (12/06/2017 05:46pm):

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