Battle of Thermopyrae
Creator: harsha || First Published: 11/16/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x19
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 6.84 in 80 ratings
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Ghost spawn (11/16/2009 06:00pm):
FTA. Apart from that its very good
delta_angelfire (11/16/2009 08:13pm):
The center lab seems unnecessary
Eligitine (11/16/2009 08:54pm):
The map itself is good, just suffers from base clumping.
Flawed Logic (11/17/2009 12:31am):
Could be interesting, TA should be fixed.
harsha (11/17/2009 01:16am):
heidi. (11/17/2009 05:20am):
airob (11/17/2009 11:59am):

well, the map is nice and small and all. but it has some of the same patterns as many
other maps though.
if the airports can make tcopters the ports are quite unnecessary arenīt they?

Harti (11/17/2009 12:44pm):
Awesome map.
The lone road tiles ending in forests seem a bit ugly (yet natural).

airob: You can build a stationary B-Ship to protect a lone base from getting overrun... or
something. It's always neat to have options.
:) (11/17/2009 09:01pm):
Riem6894 (11/18/2009 11:24am):
walk to canossa (11/18/2009 06:29pm):
[JAM] (11/19/2009 10:42pm):
the game
airob (03/14/2010 01:42am):
McLuvin (05/25/2010 08:21pm):
THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nyvelion (09/17/2010 11:46am):
You're Sparta.
Lockerdown3 (06/27/2011 02:49am):
It's a good map for a quick game, ironically the guy I played against this on could
probably have beat me if he'd rushed my HQ while I was rushing his, there not
being much in the way of my defenses there.
walkerboh01 (10/01/2011 05:53pm):
I'm undecided between giving this an 8 and a 9. It's a pretty good map and the base swap works
pretty well in my experience. I'll go with a 9 for now, and put it in A-Rank pending for further
xushu (10/12/2011 12:39pm):
@walker: seconded.
Mori2 (05/09/2012 01:39am):
Base swap is cool. It's a bit open, but the forests help limit movement in the right places. I'm a
fan of the terraining in general, although tanks will likely be the order of the day far more often
than artillery. Late funding and towers is a nice touch, and late funding combined with Bships
can be good with the proper port placement. I can't see HQ rushing becoming a serious issue.
Slazzy (08/03/2016 03:29pm):
Actually it's 'Thermopylae'.
Nyvelion (10/20/2016 12:49pm):
You're Thermopylae.
wilkyb (01/10/2018 02:02pm):
I like this map!!!!!
hlegrand (08/22/2018 11:49am):
2303924520 (09/22/2018 05:20am):
Tmi489 (03/11/2019 12:11am):
this is pretty harsh a

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