By land, sea, and air 3v3
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 12/02/2009 || Players: 6 || Size: 33x21
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Rating: 8.31 in 16 ratings
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Robocop (12/02/2009 10:57pm):
for this 3v3
i recomending banning everyone but Drake, Eagle, and Lesh
unit bans are up to you
this is a left vs right 3v3 just in case you didnt already get that
everyone starts out with a different amount of funds;
i did that cause the ships cost the most, then air, then ground.
i suggest setting funds a 2000/turn
no fog

let me know what you think plz:)

Rawrzzz (01/08/2010 07:21pm):
This looks awesome, I'ma try it :D 9/10
ichbinsehselber (04/09/2011 11:46am):
Yeah I also find this map interesting. The worst thing about it is that it depends on 6 players
not getting booted (9/10)
Robocop (05/25/2011 07:42am):
thats where privet games are good invite plrs u know stay even when looseing
i can give u my list of good plrs just msg me :)
zaykho (05/08/2012 04:43am):
I love this map! it's like a team tournament, all players who have won their battle are
able to join their teammate ...

And yes the only shitty thing are the booted players, but like Robocop say, its depend of
a private or public game.
blanci1 (09/22/2014 11:19am):
Hi blanci1,

I'm wondering what is the best way to set the turn order on the map By
land, sea, and air 3v3. My teams will be OS, GE, and AB vs BM, YC,
and GS.

These teams break with the traditional left vs right games but I hope
to provide more options for winning the map. The goal is to capture
80 properties out of 127. Aside from the turn order feel free to
share any thoughts and comments you may have.



Well the maps a bit wierd , no fta counter.. but i guess red blue yellow green orange
black would be reasonable.
(or equivalently read left to right going down too is effectively the same) To counter fta
withteams A and B we can do the order as follows A B B A A B. OK so A starts having some
advantage... so Then we give B the next 2 turns to compensate . Perhaps A B B A B A might
be better ??
I copy to here in case others have better ideas.
pbutter (03/30/2018 01:24pm):
The pipe blocks on the naval sode are a bad idea
eeliigaa (09/06/2019 12:51am):
Are the asymmetrical airports supposed to be FTA counter?
shen150 (11/27/2019 01:10am):
This is the best Land V Sea V Air map there is. If a person gets booted, their teammates have access to their properties and try
to mitigate their losses.

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