a gentleman's game
Creator: swissjak || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 2 || Size: 8x10
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.58 in 137 ratings
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amarriner (05/20/2005 11:44am):
Very cool! :)
Dullahan (05/20/2005 05:04pm):
Nice! I'm assuming Kanbei's banned?
Y0u (05/21/2005 09:32am):
Either that or ban everyone but Kanbei. Anyway, 10/10. I banned everyone but Hachi in my
game on this map since he can't build anything here and his CO power is useless here as
walkerboh (05/21/2005 10:18am):
in this map you'd think the first player would have a disadvantage, but it's really the other way around. A very cool
map. If you know what you're doing this could be very interesting.
borgez (05/21/2005 11:06am):
This is awesome. There are so many possibilities with using Grit, or Max, or even Sensei
or Sami. this is a great idea for a map. I give it a ten.
swissjak (05/22/2005 12:04am):
wow, and i was just messing around :)
Well, once some people have play tested it i'll see if anything needs revising.
Thanks for all the feedback
walkerboh (05/22/2005 12:26pm):
well, it doesn't look like anything needs revising. It played smoothly in the game i played on it.
Dullahan (06/09/2005 10:17pm):
To borgez: Not quite enough mechs to make Sensei worthwhile. Sami might be useful for VM
as a last-chance attempt when you're losing, but very likely, the mechs are going to be
the first units to go down no matter who the CO is. Max is actually quite strong here,
considering the lack of rockets and the powerful tanks (artillery serve as cannon fodder
(06/22/2005 12:45pm):
Interesting map, most of the units serve just as sheilds for the big tanks i think. would be
interesting in fog...
Dullahan (07/05/2005 05:15pm):
FOW... that's a pretty good point - all of these units have fairly low vision so it'll be
a lot about who gets lucky.
(08/18/2005 04:06pm):
(09/02/2005 09:22am):
nice, ill try it out, xcrew kanbei
(09/07/2005 11:02am):
This map is really cool. Woah.
I always explained this game to my friends like it was chess. 'Twas the only way they could

Now it hits a little closer.
(09/14/2005 02:44pm):
why don't you switch the bottom's neo and capitol, to allign it as a real chess map.
(09/15/2005 06:58pm):
It's fine as is. The queen goes on her own color so the map is already chessilogically
sonickfd (09/27/2005 02:08am):
Awesome map! i give it a 9. it'd be nice if it was a bit bigger, but this is good!
ReneDupree7 (10/09/2005 01:40pm):
This map is good I like it .
Kid Tijid (10/10/2005 01:12am):
I like the idea, but if ya really want it more like it, your going to have to move one of
the Head quarters and a Neotank to switch
Radacoin (10/29/2005 04:38pm):
Just wondering, why did you make it 8x10 instead of 8x8 like a chess board?
Austin Powers Rox (10/31/2005 04:02pm):
i also wonder y it isnt 8x8 like a real chess board i think that it is good besides that im for
sure i'll use this map quiet a few times......anyway i like it 10 out of 10
whiteshield (11/02/2005 10:02am):
Definitely a good idea. and the map looks like it would even work!
RDS (12/09/2005 09:11am):
It's 8x10 because you could already attack the enemy on your first turn. Since I like
chess 10/10
Chaos-Creator (01/25/2006 01:13pm):
I'm already in two battles. One has started already, but it's pretty good. 9/10. Just make sure
to ban Kanbei.
chives (01/25/2006 01:38pm):
Yeah, CC is beating me. :)
josecarlos_pb (01/26/2006 03:54pm):
It isn't symmetrical. It must be like a chess game : a player must have a piggy (neotank)
to the right and the other to the left
Manocheese (02/03/2006 07:06pm | Edited: 02/03/2006 07:09pm):
XD at nubs who don't know how a chess board is set.

EDIT: Why no units on the HQ's?
AdvanceBurns37 (02/14/2006 07:37pm):
Shoulda put any type of unit in the base. Noice map!
Chaos-Creator (02/16/2006 06:15pm | Edited: 02/16/2006 06:16pm):
I wonder how a game like this would play out in FoW...
jhuni (03/11/2006 09:10pm | Edited: 10/21/2006 03:15pm):
It's hard for GS to be succesfuly aggressive, and its easier for OS, but i don't advise doing
that all-together. Its prefferable to be player 1, but the maps still perfecty balanced.
(fixed grammar)
Advisor Nick (04/05/2006 04:52pm):
WOW! its a really good map! I played it with FoW, and its really fun! obviously 10/10
jhuni (05/14/2006 02:47am | Edited: 10/21/2006 03:16pm):
This is the only good predeployed map IMHO.
panda66 (06/18/2006 05:30am):
chess, how delightful
Makar (08/15/2006 07:34am):
Good =D 9/10
Comment: This is chessologically correct
the Queens (Neos) SHOULD be opposite each other

ehe (08/17/2006 04:28pm):
A real chess board should be 8x8 squares and the OS Neotank should switch with the
HQ... Good Map Nonetheless!
Vekemi (08/18/2006 11:39am):
Both sides should have their HQ (King) and Neotank (Queen) switched.

A nose (09/18/2006 05:45pm):
A real chess board should be 8x8 squares and the OS Neotank should switch with the
HQ... Good Map Nonetheless!


GAH! Noone knows how to play chess! Queens=On their own colour.
Servant of the Ice Princess (09/22/2006 03:55pm):
Oh, this is really really really REALLY awesome! I think it's quite easily one of the
coolest concepts I've seen, I'd be glad to give it a hearty ten, to be sure. :D
jhuni (09/22/2006 05:15pm | Edited: 10/21/2006 03:12pm):
59/122 (48%) - 70/122 (57%) nice win ratios
8.57 in 101____________ nice ratings

Teegarden (10/09/2006 11:23pm):
The queens are correct. The reason why it looks backwards is that you are looking at it from
P2's perspective. Red is actually white in this case. Also, I like the fact there is no unit in the
HQ b/c it at least gives a chance to win other than by rout. It's evident that a lot of time went
to balancing and creating this. 11/10.

I plan on copying this map onto my own DS as "swissjak chess"
V38 (10/21/2006 07:30am):
Very nice map.
Keige (11/21/2006 08:06pm):
This would be awesome in FoW
darthnoob (05/27/2007 12:37am):
If there were Ooziums allowed, then they'd be king because they can only move 1 space.
COeagle (10/14/2007 06:59pm):
Dude this isn't even chess or resemble it that well... and even those kinds of maps are pretty
bad gameplay-wise. 6/10
fifasnipe2224 (04/28/2008 09:28pm):
chess pwnz..... 10/10
IchigoKurosaki (05/02/2008 07:59pm):
I think this is pretty good.
mrapex (10/17/2008 10:55pm):
the first chess game right? nice
Finsdale (04/24/2009 05:01pm):
I see a flaw, the plains spaces give 1 star defence, while roads give none. Could that not
be a deciding factor in a game?
blanci1 (03/06/2011 02:45pm):
How the hell im a gonna castle !???
Thenonymous (05/28/2011 11:54am):
Ha Blanci1

Just use Eagle...

Nyvelion (08/10/2012 01:55pm):
I won't let the number of copiers detract from the initial awesomeness of this idea.
tophnhan (10/21/2015 07:19pm):
CHESS!! sweet!
wilkyb (01/11/2018 01:24pm):
nice map!!!
PWNHAMMER247 (04/11/2018 07:10pm):
Make the knights something like copters and make the plains bridges so there’s no defense

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